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noisy steam pipes & limited heat in distant radiators

John_128 Member Posts: 2
Can you give me a better explanation of what is sagging pipes?


  • John_128
    John_128 Member Posts: 2
    steam heat issues

    I have 2 issues with my 1 pipe steam heat radiators. 1st banging noise after using for the first time this winter. The other is that all last winter I would only get heat in the upstairs rad for the 1st hour. then after that they would go cold again and only continuous heat on the 1st floor. Can someone tell me what the permanet solution is for these 2 issues.
  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613
    steam heat issues

    you have sagging pipes condesate water is trapped in the pipes and blocking the flow check out find a proffesional and have your system looked at
  • Garret
    Garret Member Posts: 111

    In your basement, check how the steam mains are attached to the rafters/joists. Usually they'll be hung with sheet metal strapping. See if the strapping is loose, or out of place, allowing the mains to sag the wrong way (giving water a place to get trapped).
  • Dan_29
    Dan_29 Member Posts: 111
    sagging pipes

    Sagging pipes means that a pipe or pipes has settled over time (pitching away from the boiler) as your house may have settled over the years. If a pipe settles, it traps water(which should be draining back towards your boiler) and delays steam from reaching your upper floor. It may also cause water hammering (banging) in the pipes. Other causes of lack of heat are radiators that do not vent properly and lack of pipe insulation to mention a few.

    I suggest that you check out Dan Holohan's other posts and/or books noted on this sight and hire a pro (if you do not know what pipe sag is--you may definetly need a pro). The money you save from excessive heating bills would probably pay for the service call. I had the same problem last year and had the problem solved by a pro--Ed Wallace (see post above).


  • bb_7
    bb_7 Member Posts: 31
    check the library on 1 Pipe Steam

    There are a few good articles.

    Few things to check besides sagging pipes...

    Does the boiler cycle? It needs to be off to let the condensate drain back to the boiler. IF the condensate can not get out of the rad, steam can't get in.

    Are your mains and radiators vented?

    Next step, clik on the Find a Pro and hopefully there is someone in your area that can help.

    good luck

  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    John, bb is right

    you really need a good steam man. Try the Find a Professional page of this site.

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