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thermostatic valve

jim_72 Member Posts: 77
I have one pipe steam system.All radiators are single piped except for one first floor 10' baseboard which is two piped because of it's length. This radiator heats completely properly across. I noticed on the return side this rad drips directly down to the wet return WITHOUT a thermostatic valve. Question is would this create any problems on the return side that would effect the boiler-pressure .eg


  • Rad Trap

    Jay, I`m really not sure what your asking? The rest system is one-pipe OK, except for this 1 rad which is 2(because it`s baseboard)right?. If it drops into a "wet-return", and there are no problems, I would leave-it alone! Start "fooling" with the boilers pressure and you`ll have all sorts of other problems!
  • jim_72
    jim_72 Member Posts: 77

    Dave just asking if it's Ok for a rad to be 2 piped without a thermo trap in a one pipe system. Although the rad works properly, could the absence of a trap cause problems on the return side possibly affecting the boiler ?
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    It is fine, by dripping into a wet leg it prevents the Steam from backing into the return of your BB, no trap needed
  • No Trap?

    Jay, Bruce is right! the guy who did this knew what he was doing. No trap?, don`t worry, it`s like that for a reason. If everything heats OK, leave it alone, please!
  • jim_72
    jim_72 Member Posts: 77

    Thanks guys again your all the best! Jay
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