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Ultra Controls

Bob SweetBob Sweet Member Posts: 540
ready to go, with some minor parameter adjustments. I like to use a 3-way motorized mixing valve on the floor warming side of the system and base it off of ODR to modulate your floor temps or just base it off of a set point temp. Or you could use an injection pump to feed your floor warming temp. You will have to do two temps for sure, even a basic three way thermostatic mixing valve would work, but is not a smart control and would be a last choice.

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  • Controls on Ultra

    This is probably a basic, dumb question - but now that we are going with a W-M ultra running 2 air handlers and 2 constant circ radiant manifolds(just for floor warming on the tile floors), what boiler controls are recomended? I beleive the ultra comes with a control package, do I need anything else for outdoor reset?

    I really want to go more baic than complex, all other stuff being equal.

    Thanks for all the help.
  • FloydFloyd Member Posts: 429
    You have all you need...

    just install a Taco SR zone control to run the pumps for the air handlers, a simple outdoor t-stat like a Ranco etc11200 to turn the radiant pump(s) on/off.... you may not need to turn down the temps. for the tile floors, as I remember your air handlers were somewhat oversized, and you may be able to heat with some very low temps through them. I would pipe in such a way that you could add tempering later, if needed..... you will also find that the water temps. for the tile will be warmer than you think to actually get a warm "feel" from the tile.

  • Bob SweetBob Sweet Member Posts: 540

    seeing as the AH are your main source of heat, getting any comfortable production of heat out of them with less than 120* is stretching it.

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  • Even with climate panel above subfloor

    with direct contact to 1/4 inch board and tile?

    I was thinking around 100.

    You guys are probably correct, and I like your ideas.

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