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raident heat from steam condensate

Have steam boiler in the house. I'm thinking of a raidiant floor in the soon to be remolded kitchen. Can I use the steam boiler water (in conjunction with a mixing valve) for a raident floor?
Tim H


  • Brad White_51
    Brad White_51 Member Posts: 18
    Of Course You Can!

    Using condensate for hydronic heating has an honored history here and elsewhere. I suggest indirect using a plate heat exchanger to keep the (presumably PEX) tubing clean and free of abrasive material. You have options of course.
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    Steam condensate....

    can be really nasty stuff...A plate exchanger while good for many things is in my opinion a less than good choice for a heatexch in a steam will plug up sooner than most. I would reccommend something from tfi/everhot that is much more forgiving..a tankless coil in a steam boiler (seperate from the domestic water) has been used before or depending on the size of the job maybe a 20 gal electric water heater would fit the bill.......kpc

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  • Brad White_51
    Brad White_51 Member Posts: 18
    Good point Kevin

    on the Plate HX; they would tend to clog which is why I install a strainer upstream. But the use of an Everhot with it's more open passages is a much better idea and in fact what I have seen more often than not.

    I use Plate HX's for their low approach values but do protect them with strainers (which I would recommend no matter what you use for an HEX).
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