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steam system

No difference in the ability of both to heat the boiler.

There are technical differences of course, but none that aren't routinely overcome.

There are price differences too. These fluctuate. Currently, for my local conditions, oil is cheaper than natural gas compared on an equal energy basis.

Now, all oil boilers can be converted to gas rather easily, but not all gas boilers can be converted to oil. That's important when you want to switch fuel and follow the energy market.

I think flexibility is very important. Get dual fuel boilers.


  • Johnna
    Johnna Member Posts: 1
    Steam heat system

    For a steam system, is it better to heat by gas or by oil?
  • Pete_18
    Pete_18 Member Posts: 197
    Depends who you ask

    For years I read propaganda from the gas company that told me heating with oil was dirty and evil.

    In Mass, Natural Gas prices are skyrocketing just as much as Oil and unfortunately I can't change Gas companies when I don't like the way they treat me. I can't say I like supporting the oil giants, but at the same time, legislature keeps fighting all efforts to bring more LNG to Boston. At least I have some hope that if we run out of oil, they'll find an alternative source since there are plenty of diesel trucks out there that need to continue to run like my burner.

    You definitely need to make sure that if you have an Oil system that it is properly cleaned each year.

    From what I've read, Oil is still more efficient and over the years through all the price fluctuations has remained the more cost effective choice.

    I do like knowing with Oil that my house will not explode when the gas company messes up (they just blew up a house a few towns away not that long ago) and that the oil company actually pay attention to you because they want to keep your business. I always found with gas heat that I was up the creek when something went wrong, but with oil, I have found that my oil company always comes out immediately when I call them.
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