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Ted Lowe

Paul RohrsPaul Rohrs Member Posts: 466
I have met a lot of people in our industry that I consider huge assets. There are also people in the industry that I have not met but truly appreciate their work.

I am working on a large local radiant job that is requiring web-based capabilities and high end controls. Ted Lowe of IPEX Kitec is the point man working with Caleffi. I have been informed by my local rep agency for Kitec that Ted was diagnosed with cancer, (uncertain what type) but I understand it is very aggressive.

I met Ted at Wetstock III in Denver and he and Kitec were very generous in giving out some very nice shirts. (There were a lot of people that I didn't get to meet or spend time with.) Makes me regret not getting to know Ted a little better.

What I can do now is pray for him and his family to overcome and conquer the scourge that is plaguing his body.
Since I don't know him personally, I don't have addresses, phone numbers etc except for what is listed in the Kitec info I have. I will send him a card to let him know I and my family are thinking of him and praying for a full and rapid recovery. I encourage you to do the same.

This industry is moving forward at a remarkable rate, and we have gotten here by standing "On the shoulders of giants" and learning from them.

If anyone would find out hospital or home addresses we can send cards and letters to, and post them here, it would be helpful.


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