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Peerless Boiler coil problem

TonyTony Member Posts: 26
Its a 3 section WBV Boiler with a 5 Gallon Coil. I know an indirect heater is always much better, but for no choice because of cost some people have to use the coil.


  • TonyTony Member Posts: 26
    Peerless Boiler Coil Problem

    I am having a problem with a hot water coil on a Peerless WBV Boiler. The problem is that it runs out of domestic hot water quick. My question is is there a big difference in the the way the coil is installed in the boiler. It can be installed with the aquastat well either in the up part of the coil plate or in the down part, it has to be one or the other, because its not centered in the middle. The way its installed would make a difference in the way the cold water would enter it.
  • Al LetellierAl Letellier Member Posts: 929
    Peerless coil

    It shouldn't make that much difference. If the boiler is sized correctly, and you have a flow restrictor and the aquastat is set right, you should have adaquate hot water. You didn't say what size boiler or coil or what your hot water load is, but check the things I mentioned. A flow restrictor not installed or installed improperly is the first thing I look for on a call like this.

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  • EJWEJW Member Posts: 321

    This is a common problem that is asked here. It would be money well spent to have a indirect hot water heater installed and ditch to coil.

  • Robert O'BrienRobert O'Brien Member Posts: 2,930

    At $3 a gallon they should be more concerned with operating cost rather than initial cost

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  • Paul FredricksPaul Fredricks Member Posts: 1,542

    Pressure coming into the house. I've seen street pressure up to 130 PSI. If it is high the water can blow through that coil pretty fast. You may need a domestic pressure regulator.

    You didn't mention the age of the coil. If it's old it could have a build up of lime on the inside of the coil preventing it from picking up heat. This can be cleaned out with an acid flush, though there is a chance of coil leakage. If the heating system water is dirty it could be that the outer surface of the coil is dirty, though this doesn't hapen very often in my experience.
  • EJWEJW Member Posts: 321
    Thank You ,Robert!

  • Actually

    The orientation of the well in the coil will not make much of a difference in the WBV . From what I understand , the coil windings should make a difference - meaning the inner coil wrappings should be the cold inlet and the outer wrappings the hot outlet . Whether there is a difference in hot water output I can't say . We've installed hunddreds of WBVs with coils piped both ways and hardly a complaint with hot water ........

    Except in my own home . I have a WBV myself , with the coil . I had the same problem you're having - the coil aint producing like it used to . I recently added a 30 gallon Phase 3 indirect , and that solved the problem BIG TIME . Unlimited hot water so far . It also gives me the advantage of keeping the boiler cool till theres a call for heat or hot water - no more maintaing 180 degrees . As a cheaper alternative and if you have the room , you can add a storage tank and let the coil produce the hot water . Works pretty good even with marginal performing coils .
  • REFREF Member Posts: 61

    Is the coil scaled from hard water? Either internally or externally. If it worked fine before; then it should work again.

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