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MARKMARK Member Posts: 11
Hello all-I just wanted to know if anyone knows who makes a Digital readout gauge that would display the amount of gallons in a 275 gal Home heating oil tank.. What i'm looking for is a digital display showing me gallons in digits-from 0 to 275... Thanks for any help.. Have a great day/night....



  • Tom M.Tom M. Member Posts: 237
    I've seen one,

    but I don't know if it's made anymore. I believe it was made by Scully and it was gold and read in 5 gallon increments. I don't know how accurate it would be because some tanks have different dimensions and in my state tanks are pitched so the gauge would read differently in each hole.

    We have a customer who has an hour meter wired to his oil valve. Number of hours X firing rate = gallons used. Maybe that will help your situation.

    Tom M.
  • B. TiceB. Tice Member Posts: 206

    A company called Rollie Systems has them. They have a website.
  • Al GregoryAl Gregory Member Posts: 260

    I think it was the UG500 Most supply houses carry them
  • awaltiiiawaltiii Member Posts: 16

    I have a 1000 gallon underground tank. When I installed it in 1979, there was an oil shortage and a number of stories in the local newspaper about the theft of oil from underground tanks. So, I did the fill piping so you could not drop a line into the tank and possibly steal the oil unless you were willing to dig a 24" deep hole.

    To keep track of the tank balance, I installed an elapsed time meter on the oil gun (after the 8148 cad control) and I will know the balance in the tank within 5%.
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