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Taco Hy Vent 400

Peter OCPeter OC Member Posts: 3
I was wondering if anyone has had experience with the Taco Hy Vents leaking. Our hydronic system has the Taco Hy Vents piped into the return on each zone. Long story short, I suspect one of them is leaking as there are clearly water marks on the vent itself and occasionally puddles beneath the manifold in the morning. Seems to happen in the early monring hours as this particular zone is heating up for the day. The funny thing is that this is a fairly new system (4 years old).

I plan on closing the ball valves on each end of the zone, draining the zone, replacing the vent with a new Taco Hy Vent, and then refill the zone. Does this sound right to you folks and have any of you had the similar experiences with the Tac Hy Vents failing???

Many Thanks.


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