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Appreciate your prayers

Some may think it's silly but I know most of you will understand. Please pray for our cat Mandy.

We have had Mandy for 13 yrs now and to me she's like a second child. last night around 7:00 PM Mandy was not able to jump up on my lab nor would she eat her food or drink her water. when I held her she just kind of laid limp in my arms.

My daughter and I rushed her to an Animal Emergency Center where they spent a few hours running tests on my mandy girl. We learned she is diabetic (sp?) leaving her there this evening was hard to do. They had to put her on an IV then tomorrow or should I say this morning they will transport Mandy to a local hospital where they said she will probably spend the next few days. Then we hope she will be coming home. though we understand we will have to continue giving her shots. I'll take that over not having her any day.

Please say a little prayer for us friends.

Thank you and God bless
Your friend in the industry,Alan R. MercurioOil Tech Talk


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