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Sump Pumps & Water Softeners

Dave FaustDave Faust Member Posts: 51
Heres my dilemma. I've got a 120v. stainless steel sump pump that handles water softner discharge in addition to normal ground water. The battery backup pump is made of plastic. Both have check valves on their discharge, and both ck. valves leak (don't hold). Something in the water leaking through the plastic pump is leaving a "white" deposit. The water "stings" when you get it in an open cut (on your hands). I've heard that malfunctioning water softener discharge (this one is starting to deposit resin beads in the sump) isn't good for septic systems (no sewers available). I suspect that whatever is leaving the "white deposits" is causing my check valves to leak through. Seems to me that if the watersoftener didn't discharge into the sump it would solve lots of problems. The water softener does not discharge into the septic system.
Then theres the problem of resin beads leaking out.
The whole thing is getting quite complex, and probably expensive. (I'd really rather be working on the new instantaneous water heater or the proposed HVAC renovations).
Is it normal for check valves to leak through?
Has anyone heard of a good (BEST) installation method for combining a primary sump pump, a battery backup pump, and a water softener? As you can tell water condition & handleing is not my area of expertice, but I would like to learn more. Perhaps someone could sugguest a more appropriate forum for this post.


  • mp1969mp1969 Member Posts: 226
    Softener discharge

    We never put a check in the backup pump as it restricts flow and we want maximum output if this pump is needed.In Wisconsin they don't allow us to discharge softener waste into the storm sump. Not real desirable in a septic system either. Sounds like this softener needs repair or replacement.We also discharge the backup separate from the primary pump and usually directly out to a splsh block or short pipe to get it away from the structure. Conditions such as high head and possibly a long horizontal run may call for a check valve on the backup.Check with your local inspector as they have the final say.

    Good luck!
  • hrhr Member Posts: 6,106

    I would replace the softner. newer versions use less salt, and as such discharge less during back wash. Actually the salt intake is adjustable and needs to be set according to you waters hardness.

    And the resin beads should not be washing through. Pretty soon that softner will no longer soften, if all the beads wash out :)

    Have a water treatment company test you water and size the softner to your application.

    Not sure how long that satinless pump will handle high salt levels, either. But a new softner will minimize the discharge.

    Where does the sump discharge to now. Hopfully not on you lawn or garden :)

    hot rod

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