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Ford truck

Big Member Posts: 4
Good day all. We just purchased a E350 truck(now has10k milres in it) Noticed unusal wear on the front left tire,so we took it to the dealer. They told me not unusal you just have to rotate them. Well it almost to the core. All rotation will do is ruin all the tires. Has any else had this problem with Ford or other truck. How did you settle it. thanks for any and all help.


  • Paul Mitchell_2
    Paul Mitchell_2 Member Posts: 184
    10k pretty quick..

    but I know Ford has tough time with front ends. Front needsto be worked on. Aligned at least would be my bet.
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Great advice Paul.

    One more VERY important point, HAVE IT ALIGNED WITH A FULL LOAD ON IT !!!!

    By aligning it when built, they more likely had nothing in it, and consequently the load lightened the front end enough to make the tires wear on the inside. Make sure whoever does it checks it WITH FULL LOAD, and to set the toe-in/toe-out, and caster/camber also with full load.

    A couple tires and a proper alignment are but a small price for a great truck. Try to find a front end shop where the guy working there , worked for a Ford dealer at some point. They have a bit more knowledge than someone who didn't deal with these beasts when they were straight from the factory.(BTW, NOT an isolated incident!) Good luck. Chris
  • \"Maine\" doug
    \"Maine\" doug Member Posts: 39
    I have had

    two E-350's, an F-350, two Explorers, still have a 4WD F-250. All of them needed alignment at day one. Whenever I got a new one, I required it to be aligned before leaving the dealership and always got the same answer - it is aligned. So I would say OK, align it, if it is OK I will pay, if it is off, you will pay. I never had to pay. In fact, on the 95 Explorer, the dealer replaced 2 front tires at 11,000 and paid for the new alignment, it was so far out.

    On the vans with the swing axle and coil springs, I had a dealer in NJ that had the right equipment to bend the axles do the alignment and tires would last 40K or more. The F-350 with the beefy suspension was better at staying in alignment after it was set correctly.

    My feeling that anything that gets transported on a truck gets its suspension parts abused. If it is not aligned when it was built, it is mostly likely not aligned after the ride.

    You should go after the dealer and have them replace the tires AND align the van.
  • Bryan_16
    Bryan_16 Member Posts: 262

    in the front a-frame probably need to be replaced. Have E-250 with same trouble. Needs to be aligned with load in the truck. The bushings set the camber(or caster). Mine could not be adjusted far enough to bring tires into allignment. Replaced bushings with maximum offset, set tires to spec's and have had no trouble since then. Ford paid for bushings and alignment, I got stuck for wore out tires.
  • Joel_3
    Joel_3 Member Posts: 166

    Wow!! Your a glutton for punishment buddy. ford quality is so bad none of those trucks where aligned right?? I bought one 250van a 2000 POS. Won't buy another, have two Toyotas, Two frieghtliner/mercedes vans, bullit proof. Won't go back to the big 3. After the first one how come you bought the rest?? Even the dealers stink. Our Ford went in under warranty for a brake problem that they still haven't fixed they can't it's just a defective design. So i ask the guy, ok where's my free loner van? he just gives me a blank stare "free loaner? Are you kidding we don't do that!!" Get the van back next day still not fixed and as dirty as when it went in.
    Now my wifes Montero went in for an update to the computer, wasn't broken they just reprogrammed it for free for moreMPG and power. They had a play area for the kids if you wanted to wait, free coffee, TV Etc. She didn't want to hang around. "NO problem mam we'll have a spotless, clean BRAND NEW loaner brought right around for you and call your cell when we're done." When she picked it up the car was washed and vacumed!!! think i'm even going to consider an Explorer next time? nope not a chance, maybe at 1/2 the price but even then I'm not sure i'd want to put up with them.

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  • Gregg Jackson_3
    Gregg Jackson_3 Member Posts: 2

    My e-350's did the same thing and Ford just replaced the ball joints on the front end at no cost. My mechanic got them back and added grease fittings to the ball joints so that we can lube them every time we rotate. When the truck was on the lift, you could take the front wheels and they would shake up and down almost a 1/4 of an inch. I agree with getting them aligned with a full load. Our trucks are stocked to the gills and I think this had something to do with it.

  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836

    I agree, aligning with fuill load is the key. In my experience the dealers do not do a good alignment. I have always taken mine to a local front end and alignment specialty shop. That is all they do and I have not had a problem since. One last thought, do not over load with too much weight as that will absolutely wear out tires and suspensions.
  • Wethead7
    Wethead7 Member Posts: 170
    New wheels

    My boss bought the truck I wanted E-550. I have not seen the thing but I am in Iraq. We have had a police of sending new trucks for alinements, before we pay for them. The dealer will pay for it. We have had problem with Fords and GM products. We have good luck with Dodge,Freightliner,Sterling(all Damler-Crysler products)

    I should be going home soon.

    Yes I did get that right 550. The big one
  • David Woycio
    David Woycio Member Posts: 107

    We have had ford vans since 1982. They take some real abuse but have served well. Weak link is the front ends. Been round and round with everybody and what we ended up doing as routine is to acutally have the front tires removed flipped and rotated to give as even wear as possible. If you work wih one tire guy they should do it for nothing. Hope this helps.

    Metro Man
  • GEO_3
    GEO_3 Member Posts: 67
    front ends

    Had an older ford I bought new when they were using the twin I beam suspension. Chewed the tires off in 5000 mi. I swore it was the truck they dropped out of the airplane in their commercials. The only way I could get it fixed after several pairs of tires was stop going to the dealer and taking it to a good independant. The dealer kept putting the front end at factory specs. ie to much camber, and it wears tires. Unless you carry all your tools on your front bumper. I recently drove a f 350 with 1/2 the miles my truck has and it handled like a bag of worms. I'll keep my GMC thank you'
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,094
    ford diesel van

    our company recently bought a new ford diesel turbo nice van alot of balls but it's loud idles very high even after it's hot and allready needed to have the front rotors re cut with only 2500 miles it's due again because the front end is shuttering when you hit the brakes they say the high idle is normal i still don't believe them other wise it ain't to bad .i personaly have a chevy 125 000 miles gas load with a ton of stuff runs great i call her the blue whale cause that what she looks like good luck and peace
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  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718
    Off topic

    joel boucher: I have a 2002 Mitz Montero full size. Is this the same vehicle that your wife drives. Should I be asking about this computer reprogram?
  • joel_19
    joel_19 Member Posts: 931

    Ted, We've had 3 montero's starting with a 90 the best SUV in it's class and price range. Our new 1 is an 01 which was the first year of the new chassis and suspension. Ours has been back twice for upgrades but as far as I know these where only for the early 01's ,not surprising or concerning to me as it was a first year design. As far as I know these upgrades where only done on 01's. 02's i believe came already done but check with your dealer to be 100% sure.

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  • David Sutton_5
    David Sutton_5 Member Posts: 87
    i had the same thing...

    it was a 2002 e-350 had to have it realiened with full load to stop it, had problem with the brakes also the rotors start to skip and had to have them turned...still a very good truck..David
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    you did not describe the wear

    if the wear is on the inside or outside then the camber is out - you need to have them align it with the most common weight and weight position, the truck carries – and if you pull a trailer all the time, then, the front will rise and wear on the outside, so you need to tell them what the trailer weighs at the hitch, or how many inches the front bumper rises when you hook up the trailer – a good alignment person can adjust for it

    now if the tow in/out is not set right – it will wear the whole tire out across the thread, cause 1 degree of tow in/out misalignment is like dragging the tire 100 ft sideways for every forward mile
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