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I don't believe they did that (Steamhead)

SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 11,152
stripped out the nozzle adapter on a Carlin 99FRD, disconnected the oil and electrical connections to the burner, told the lady it was obsolete, they can't get parts for it and she needed a whole new boiler, and left her without heat or hot water!

The boiler is a Burnham V-14 with a tankless coil. When I got there I found it completely plugged with soot- that explains the smell, ma'am. I wish I had my camera with me.

I stuck a Beckett on there to get the heat back on and ordered the Carlin parts- looks like it had the wrong flame-retention ring too. What a mess.

This burns me up. Every time someone pulls a number like that it makes the whole heating industry look bad. I won't mention the name of the oil company on the Wall, but if anyone wants to know just e-mail me. Hint: a large company operating on most of the East Coast, not a local Baltimore company.

I bet if this were publicized, that company would change its ways.

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