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Wintac Pro

Before I add to the many business mistakes has any one used
Wintac Pro and how do you like it.

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  • We Use Wintac

    Our company uses Wintac and it has good reviews from the service end of the business, like scheduling, billing, etc. However I do the material management, because we sell to the contracting trade as well, and it is not as good on the material end as on the labor end.
    If you want, you can e-mail me with your phone number and I will have someone here call you that is more experienced with the system
  • ScottScott Posts: 5,884

    I have been a Wintac user for a number of years. We started out with Intac which was thier Dos based program. I was kicking myself because I could'nt afford the big program that everyone else was getting. Turns out they had problams and went out of business.

    We then wanted to get Wintac networks version and thats a pricey switch.

    We wound up getting Wintac Green which is a scaled back version. It does everything we want for now. GREAT for service. Does work orders for the guys. Does proposals. Tracks stock and also all customer history. I even have photographs attached to customer files to look at jobs we've done before sending out a tech for service.

    When I get around to using this version to its fullest I will upgrade, but for now, this is fine !!

    It is very user friendly and gives me access to customer files while on the phone to the customer " actually Mrs Smith we put that water heater in THREE years ago, not last year " :).

    I am very happy and would recommend this for any small to medium sized shop.


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  • Wintac

    I purchased wintac and had a horrible experience. I received the program and it would not work with my flat rate program. I only purchased the program because it was compatible with the flat rate program I am using. I tried to work with them but i was treat poorly and was told that all of the problems were not their fault, and blamed it on everyone else. Be aware of their no refund policy as that says a lot of the company and why they don't want to offer complete satisfaction. I tried to get them to understand that i need the program to work and that i was spending money for software that didn't do what they said it would and that was not good business. they offered me a refund of half price and stated that they had to spend time programing the software to get it to work properly with my flat rate. How they feel that is my responsibility is beyond me.

    I would not purchase anything from this company as there are not people of their word and are in my opinion just looking to take your money.

    I own and operate a 18 truck service and repair plumbing Co. and have been using Wintac for about 5 years now.It does have some nice features.....but just garbage tech support .and were always going down at my expense because they never want to take the blame for it! This has been avery frustrating! Its hard to just change over when you have sooo much data stored. PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I would not buy WINTAC UNLESS YOU KNOW THERES NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE.

    ITS me again TWINPLUMBER..I posted a bad review about NOT BUYING WINTAC.I did have a problem and discovered it was on our end.I want to apologize BECAUSE THEY DID DO A GOOD JOB AT HANDLING THINGS AND I TOOK IT OUT ON THEM .

    I couldnt figure out how to erase my BAD review so i decided to give them a nice review!

    There new version is so much more better and effiecient ! If your going to buy wintac ask for serena there sales person ...shes AWESOME!
  • HELP

    Does anyone use Wintac that can help me figure out how use the software?? I only want to use the software for scheduling and printing reoccurring maintenance and reoccurring billing.
  • Our Experience

    We use WintacPro for our hvac/plumbing dispatching and scheduling, and Quickbooks for our accounting.  Wintac works fine for the dispatching, although there are a few changes I would make of course, but I think you get that with pretty much any program.  We collect most of our fees on site when the job is complete, with our commercial accounts being billed through Quickbooks.  I've never attempted to try to integrate our billing through Wintac, as I can't imagine trying to shift everything over to it, so we are stuck with sort of a hybrid setup.

    My big gripe with Wintac is I think they charge WAY too much for upgrades each year.  You get one year support with the purchase, and with each upgrade purchase.  However, their upgrades are extremely expensive and we just don't feel they offer enough changes for us to justify paying almost as much for the upgrade as we paid for the original program.  We have the WintacPro three user edition and it would be over $1,200 for this next upgrade, including shipping.  For maybe $300 a year, I'd upgrade every year, but I just can't see spending that kind of money.  They do offer a five year package, at a substantial discount over the individual yearly, but what guarantee do you have that they will A. Be around in five year, B. not require a different fee, or C. have enough changes to make it worthwile to put up $3000 up front. 

    Basically, I just don't see the committment to the customer in their pricing/support.  For instance, we had a hard drive go down, and in our hands, we had the original program, plus we knew we had paid for the next year's upgrade, so were trying to put our hands on that disk.  We called and asked about a replacement disk and were quote $99 to replace the disk. . this is for the upgrade we had PAID FOR 10 months earlier.  Luckily, we found the disk, but then remembered that there was a patch issued right after we purchased that upgrade.  We called and asked about the patch, and basically were told that we were out of luck, we'd have to but the upgrade for this next year.  I don't understand that.  We paid for the upgrade, the patch was to FIX the upgrade, and we were not allowed to have another copy of it?  Fortunately for us, we were able to find a copy of the patch on another computer and installed it. 

    So, do you get where I'm going here?  Perhaps the focus is on selling, but not so much on support, eh?  Definitely not on customer appreciation.  If you buy, at least you know now what you are truly getting, not what they tout on the website. 
  • Update

    Just wanted to let you know, I was contacted by a Wintac rep shortly after my post, and she informed me that after seeing what I wrote, they had a meeting and made some corrections to the company policy concerning upgrades and replacement disks.  From now on, if you purchase the program or an upgrade, you can receive a replacement for it if you lose the disk.  Furthermore, all patches will be available for your purchased program, even if you choose not to upgrade to the newer version. 

    This does indicate that Wintac is monitoring responses concerning their program, and I imagine will also do a better job of servicing their existing customers and making sure all customer service reps have the right info.  The rep thanked me for my post and seemed sincere in her insistence that their existing customers should be their highest priority and that they would continually strive to serve them well.  I think this incident should count as a positive in their column.

  • Wintac BAD CHOICE!!!

    My company has used wintac for over 5 years. And we are doing our research and will be using service max which is fractions of the cost in comparison to wintac's ridiculous fees. I was just quoted OVER $1500 to renew and get the upgrade for one year 2011. And Service Max only costs a few hundred per year!! And you automatically get any upgrade they make for free as their software gets better and better.

    Our huge problem with wintac is that we have had some major daily business disruption, wips disappear for no reason at all, and countless system crashes, locking us out, wips freeze up, it is sooo slow. People the dissapointment we experience daily on having invested a 20,000 people database into wintac is truly overwhelming and a huge loss to our business please contact us if you wish to know the truth about wintac before you buy it. You will forever have to pay for yearly "upgrades" and bad customer service at the highest rates in the industry. BAD CHOICE PEOPLE DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mad DogMad Dog Posts: 3,155
    I've used it for years too

    On Scott's suggestion - very happy with it.  Mad Dog
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  • ChristyHChristyH Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    OK, I'll bite

    Ok, I'll bite, let's assume you're not paid by ServiceMax, (noticed you joned today,, and this is your only post), exactly how much a year, including startup fees do you pay for ServiceMax? I looked thouroughly and really couldn't even figure out exactly what it is they offered....oh, there were lots of "concepts", but no nuts and bolts. Is it a flat rate program? What does it do? their website was so general and full of words like "optimization" and "concept", but no info and pricing unless you want to sit trough videos and deal w/salesmen.

    So, what di it cost you to setup ad how much a year for what services? Christy
  • Wintac BAD CHOICE!!!

    I am not speaking for servicemax, there are other programs that I am currently doing research for also. I have a database of over 20,000 clients in wintac and we will be doing a total system conversion... and already the cost per year is fractions in comparison to what my company has paid wintac over the years.

    We have 2010 version of wintac right now. Which is not working well. Our customers wips go missing for no reason at all. We receive phone calls saying, someone was supposed to be out? then, we look the client up in the system only to find out their customer files or "wips" are no longer there. Wintac is refusing to help us with this issue, and refuses to help us fix the problem unless we pay them $1500 for the latest version of their software. After doing research on it we have found that it will be way more cost effective to do a system conversion to new software.

    We have not fully decided on servicemax, I have my eye on another program as well. We are still in the research phase. Scott how much do you pay annually to get wintacs upgrades? and how do you track your customers maintenance with wintac? we use their maintenance programs and it does not do what we need it to do. We have to suplement with doing our own spreadsheets, and keeping track of everyone through an entirely different program as it does not do what we need to do.???
  • useruser Posts: 2

    the wintac program is the best in the industry it is made easy for all of the needs that the hvac needs.  i would highly recommend this program to all hvac industry contractors.
  • ChristyHChristyH Posts: 5
    are you a "shill?"

    (the wintac program is the best in the industry it is made easy for all of the needs that the hvac needs.  i would highly recommend this program to all hvac industry contractors.)

    You know, you lose all legitimacy when you sign up w/a generic name, leave one comment like this immediately after signing up, AND, your comment is a non-specific, general statement that the program is supposedly the "best in the industry" and good for all. Pretty much, we're all confident that you are simply an owner, employee or agent for Wintac. Unfortunately, this type of behavior actually does more harm than good for Wintac, as it makes them appear dishonest. It does nothing to further an understanding of what the program offers, whether it is a good choice for a specific situation, explains nothing about the criteria used to consider it the "best", and tells nothing of your experience with the program and/or the company...pretty much just appears to be the type of comment an owner would make to "sell" their product.
  • useruser Posts: 2
    Owner/ Modern Refrigeration & Restaurant Service

    to whom it may concern the previous posting listed under owner was made by me thinking it was asking what title in my company i held.  I am an independent contractor using wintac software to conduct and facilitate my business.  My contactor No. is TACLA29116C. if you have any further questions please contact Luis C. Martinez Sr. Owner of modern Refrigeration & Restaurant service at 956-399-1355.  thank you.
  • DeanaZDeanaZ Posts: 1
    Wintac Pro

    We currently use Wintac and it has been great. We use it primarily for dispatching and it is very helpful. It is so much easier than doing it manually. The program is very user friendly and takes very little training to use. We really enjoy the program and would highly recommend it for anyone in the industry.
  • We love Wintac!

    Wintac is a very user-friendly program that has helped organize our service department. The program is very easy to use. All of our service information (customer database, contracts, service calls, etc)is now in one spot. It has everything we need to successful service our customers.

  • winttac since 1997

    I have been using wintac since 1997- And like most things- the renewal fees have gone up- Other than that I 100% happy with it.

    I'm not a giant company- 7 trucks- but the software does all dispatching- all my accounts receivables, I use the AIA billing on all big jobs which works great. We use the po system on big items only. I also use the a/p.

    When I hear wips disappearing, I think hard ware problem, I have never lost one. When I hear slow- I have to ask how old is you hard ware- what else is running,

    If its not doing what you want- ask for it. If your not alone in what your asking for- it will most likely be in next years update.
  • We enjoy it.

    We have been using Wintac since the late 1990's. It is working very well for us. Most of the problems we have experienced have been on our end. We have had very good customer service with a quick turnaround. The live chat works great. We just renewed and are adding the tech. portal. 
  • bbhvacbbhvac Posts: 1
    Experience with Wintac Software

    Our company has been using Wintac software for six years now.  From the beginning, Wintac Tech Support has helped me with everything from making sure my tax tables are right to fixing little glitches (which are bound to happen from time to time with any type of industry specific computer software).  Their sales reps are always very nice and informative.  As far as the software itself, I couldn't be happier.  Our information is always where it should be.  The reports are extremely easy to understand.  Our tax preparer loves how simple Wintac makes everything for them.  And with the built in checks and balances system of accounting, human error is caught almost immediately.  Work orders are a breeze to create and keep track of.  Knowing where my technicians are on any given day is a snap using the dispatch board.  I can enter invoices for preventative maintenance agreement holders in advance.  The work orders pop up 10 days before their scheduled job date to remind me of whats coming up.  Keeping work history, installation history, warranty expiration dates is all very simple.  Any problems I have had have either been taken care of by Intac International, creators of the software, or have been of my own creation.  I highly recommend giving it a try.
  • Wintac

    We have been using Wintac for several years and love the ease of use for our Plumbing and HVAC business.  Their customer service and online help are great!

    Totally recommend using Wintac!!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • to say the least, extremely disappointed with WINTAC

    Please post the new program you are using.

    Wintac gives us nothing but trouble!
  • check facebook

    Too many times I have written the problems we have had and continue to have on facebook.  Such a waste of time. Wintac keeps removing my posts.

    Looking for an inexpensive software program: dispatching/invoicing/proposal abilities.

    We have used Wintac for nearly 2 years; thought we had to give it a chance.  Well, the chance is over ...wasted too much time and too much money.  Quickbooks was a better program.  Wintac so called support told us we were doing xy or z wrong and that is why we had issues.  This is not true, we did everything we were told.  We "lost" WIPS, so three office people run around with a scheduling book.  We do not trust Wintac.  Wintac is not friendly when it comes to findoing customers.  Vreating Invoices = a nightmare. the line items NEVER align and this is NOT an exaggeration!  We have had a number of computer technicians tell us our problems with Wintac are Wintac's problems, not us (the users  ...

    Please post suggestions ASAP. MUST get rid of WINTAC.
  • typo

    Yes, I see my typos...

    I am so frustrated with this program and getting no where.

    The typos are the least of my problems.

    So much $$$$ and time wasted!!!!!!!!!!!

    And no solution!

  • durgledurgle Posts: 2

    My experience thus far with Wintac has left me with an awful taste in my mouth. My office has been using this software for close to two years - and it has done nothing but cause problems. Whenever contacting Wintac, they would lay blame on the user but A) being fairly computer savvy myself, having poured over the support forums and user guide before even stepping foot into the system - am fairly confident that our office utilized all directions in the proper manner.

    Technicians who came out to service us have even commented that we aren't doing anything wrong but that simply Wintac is a terrible program - the programming itself is a mess, and other industry standards don't even code in the same program.

    I would not recommend this program to anyone and I, too, highly suggest you do your homework before purchasing this system. There is probably a good reason you can't find THAT much at all when searching on the internet, and that their facebook, although an INTERNATIONAL company, only has "63" likes. I would have never chosen this program myself. (Compare to other systems and products you use - a simple google search should bring a plethora of information to your fingertips in the year 2012, if it is so widely renowned and used.) I call shenanigans, and will not spend a penny on this company.
  • We use Wintac

    Just to throw in my 2 cents, we have had a totally positive experience with Wintac. Been using for over 8 years, 6 office staff, 20 in the field, and never have problems with any version. Whenever we've had questions, their support has been excellent. Since I pretty much see the same thing posted by different people in the same time frame, I am wondering if it is just one disgruntled customer??
  • Or...

    their competitor (GASP)...

    It's not so much a case of "You got what you paid for", as it is a matter of "You DIDN'T get what you DIDN'T pay for, and you're NOT going to get what you thought you were in the way of comfort". Borrowed from Heatboy.
  • Our Experiences

    We've been using Wintac for several years, after many years with an industry specifc hvac dispatch program.We tried another one first, which appeared to be written for the LP sale industry, and then was somewhat modified to try to make it apply to the construction trades, and it was a joke. I do use Quickbooks for my bookkeeping, using Wintac only for our dispatch program. Perhaps this is why we are satisfied with the program.

    We imported our customer list with only minor issues, and really, as for glitches, the only ones we experience are mostly related to the ability to leave a WIP (service dispatch) without processing it, which means it won't post to the schedule. Normally, if we're missing a job, we can find it again, and then and realize that we were interrupted while creating it, and left without hitting "process" to complete it. Perhaps this could be solved with a prompt that won't let us leave a WIP without warning that it has not been completed or processed?

    Overall, it's a fairly easy program to setup and use, and it does what we need. Sure, there are modifications we would make, and it really could do way more than we need or want. I think the purchase price was reasonable, but I think the upgrades are over-priced. The general consensus is that once a company buys the program, they shouldn't be "held-up" year after year if they want to upgrade. I realize this is a marketing ploy, keeping the intitial price lower, but I think it is self-defeating. If the upgrades were a few hundred dollars cheaper, we'd buy them every year, but since they are as high as they are, we won't buy them. I wish I could, but I can't justify it for the minor improvments.

    Overall, IMHO, it's not a bad program for the price, and I havent found a better one at this price point.
  • durgledurgle Posts: 2
    FYI -

    Just a note to address another user's comment:

    I, myself, have only posted of my issues once.
  • ScottScott Posts: 5,884

    As I said I have used the program for years. I have never had a lost file.

    I have not done all the uprades and only do them every five or six years.

    I have not had any horrible experiences.

    If I could ask for anything it would be for the Wintac to Quickbooks function to actually BE seemless.
  • Wintac is not all it is claimed to be, to say the least

    I began using the wintac software about 4 months ago. I'm no accountant, but I did have a basic understanding of accounting practices, and have learned much since then. I am very computer savvy, experienced in many types of software, and have more than a basic understanding of programming and code.

    First off, I didn't choose this software.

    Had it been my decision, the first thing I would have noted is that there is no easily found negative or even neutral information regarding this software, Let's face it, Everyone hates something. Some people hate everything, everything is hated by someone, and more than anything else, people comment about these things they hate online. But this doesn't seem to be the case with Wintac.

     Odd isn't it? When searching for wintac, page after page of results directs you to their own website. There is definitely something wrong with that, seems they are burying all negative reports about them somehow. Try finding much of anything outside their own website!

    Almost immediately I noticed that their marketing information did not seem to match the software in several ways. The user documentation provided with the software (only after purchase, not to be found otherwise) is poorly arranged, often very vague, it makes many unrealistic assumptions, and is all together incomplete.

    The accounts payable is a disaster. Every sale item posts to OTHER-revenue, regardless Of the Item type. Every line item has to be manually inserted into cost accounts and revenue accounts to avoid this, there is no global modify option, and the predefined cost accounts filled out in the options have no effect. Using their simplified accounting method only removes the options that allow you to fix it manually.

    The application constantly throws error dialogs, crashes, requires time consuming upkeep, easily overwrites it’s own databases causing lost data, backup options are straight out of the 90’s, and it is very cumbersome to use in general. It Imports almost nothing it promises, exports ok, but there is no way to integrate data exported back into the database. Mobile computing options just barely work, and are very limited. Nothing transfers without being reprocessed on every workstation.

    Their customer support is very limited, even though we’re paying a fortune for it. If you need help, be prepared to chat online, the hotline directs you to a voicemail that hangs up on you immediately. I hope you have all day too, they are going to take their sweet time, assume you’re the only problem, offer no remedy for shortcomings, glitches, bugs, or failures when their software fails to live up to their hype.

    I understand that there are people who do very well with this software; I’m not saying it is a total loss. I just have no Idea how it would actually be used as it is promoted- An ALL IN ONE SOLUTION, it is most definitely not. It’s an MS Access Data Base, with a Visual Basic programmed interface that has been updated countless times, but never overhauled

    I could go on and on….


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