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renovation: waste piping in basement use all ABS or all PVC ?

ron Member Posts: 253
single level ranch house, about 33' x 23', with full unfinished basement, house built in the 60's I think. It has septic. A type of copper pipe was used for all the wastewater piping... from the sink, toilet, shower, etc. House is small, 1.5 bath...
    • main bath shower drain
    • main bath toilet
    • main bath sink
    • half bath toilet
    • half bath sink
    • kitchen sink
    the piping just above the exit piping through the foundation, rotted to where you could push your finger through the piping, that was replaced a few years ago with white pvc connected to the horizontal piping going through the foundation with a fernco.

    Getting thoughts together about how to tackle the waste water piping in just the basement, as I am cleaning out the basement getting it in proper order. Other than that I'd think I'd prefer black colored piping being visible on the unfinished basement ceiling, what are the pro's and con's of choosing between ABS and PVC for such a job? Obviously planning for the eventually of selling the house.


  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 6,688
    edited March 29
    You could paint it whatever color you'd like.

    The copper rotted out? Was it where it was in contact with the masonry?
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 19,966
    I've pretty much always used white PVC and not really thought about it. Easily available, lots of fittings...
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • DJD775
    DJD775 Member Posts: 185
    In my part of the country PVC is dominant and very easy to come by. The only time I use ABS is if I'm adding to an existing system that is already ABS.
  • ron
    ron Member Posts: 253
    edited March 30
    mattmia2 said:

    The copper rotted out? Was it where it was in contact with the masonry?

    no, it was the ~3 foot vertical piece just above where it turned horizontal to go through the foundation. The wall of the 3" or 4" or whatever it was was paper thin and would buckle if pressed with your finger.

    I just don't like the purple pvc primer look when it's done sloppily. Using black ABS with black glue I kinda prefer but have to go out of my way to get it versus 5 min drive from depot. If the price is comparable for ABS I'll probably go with that I guess.
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 6,688
    edited March 30
    You can get clear pvc primer if your inspector will accept that. The dye is just to verify that it has been primed.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,044
    It has been rumored that if you add a little Purple primer in your glue you get a nice purple ring around each glue joint.
    Nice for the installer so he knows that all joints have been "glued".
  • PC7060
    PC7060 Member Posts: 838
    I’ve found PVC versus ABS to be a regional thing; all or non.  East coast seems to be PVC, New Mexico seemed fo be more ABS country. No idea why one or other but as Jamie said, nice to stick to one with wide choice of connections at the local suppliers. 
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 17,543
    Traditionally ABS here. OVC is starting to show up, but not all the PVC drainage fittings, yet
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • MikeL_2
    MikeL_2 Member Posts: 385
      Charlotte pipe has information on their website regarding PVC pipe solvent welding and the importance of prepping pipe & fittings for the two part cleaner / primer & gluing process. 
  • jumper
    jumper Member Posts: 1,906
    ABS is supposed to be slippier.
  • CLamb
    CLamb Member Posts: 119
    A couple of years ago here in New Jersey I wanted to use ABS to replace some galvanized but was unable to find a supplier within a few hundred miles.