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New boiler

JPL941 Member Posts: 48
edited March 2020 in Gas Heating
Hello, I just had a new boiler installed after my other one broke down. It’s a Weil AB-155c. Install went well but I do have a concern. The PVC was all short radius 90s so they were cut out and long sweeps were installed per manual. Well at the exhaust termination of the boiler (pvc to boiler jacket) it looks like some plastic pieces got in there because I can see them in the clear condensate trap. Will this be a problem? Thanks


  • Intplm.
    Intplm. Member Posts: 1,320
    Please take a few pics of the installation and the plastic? pieces and post them here.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 9,192
    Just unscrew it and clean it out
  • Intplm.
    Intplm. Member Posts: 1,320
    Shouldn't be a worry. Go ahead and empty the debris out.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 8,443
    That is just "PVC sawdust" from cutting the pipes in place without dumping the cuttings out.
    You may have to empty the trap several times.

    Can you see any debris in the air inlet pipe, is it connected directly to the fan or just opens into the cabinet?
  • JPL941
    JPL941 Member Posts: 48
    @JUGHNE there are little specs of pvc saw dust, nothing much. I vacuumed it out. So if I just empty the trap as needed, no harm should come to the system?
  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 2,182
    edited March 2020
    If properly pitched the exhaust will cause condensation from the flue gas to drain back to the boiler. This will cause the PVC sawdust to migrate back to the condensate trap. I would not worry about it. There are many other things the will also accumulate in that trap over the years. Just have the maintenance done every year according to the manual. Proper maintenance will keep the machine working dependably.

    Neglect will result in premature failure and nuisance service calls.
    Edward Young
    Retired HVAC Contractor from So. Jersey Shore.
    Cleaned & services first oil heating system at age 16
  • JPL941
    JPL941 Member Posts: 48
    Thanks everyone.
  • fenkel
    fenkel Member Posts: 135
    Just clean it yearly, this happens all the time....
    Watch for dirt in trap
    We recommend owners clean these traps twice a year....
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