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HC200508 hot cold sillcock replacement for outside water

ronron Member Posts: 143
edited January 2016 in Plumbing
back in 2006 i bought a moen HC200512, 12" hot & cold sillcock.
shortly after installing i realized it had an engineering defect, got replacement cartridge from moen and thing still kept clunking when trying to use hot water and then would get no water flow. i somehow managed to remove one of a few orings on the cartridge and got use out of it up until last week where it clunks and i get zero water out of it all the time.

was wondering if anyone had experience with this particular model of sillcock? it was attractive when i got it because one outdoor faucet did hot cold and it looks nice on the outside.

needless to say i need a new outdoor faucet.
can still find this model for sale on the web but no thanks.
lot of web reports that moen discontinued their line of sillcocks also.

sillcock comes into unfinished basement with easy access and i have decent working room for piping.
I have easy access to ball valve inside basement for hot & cold going to this faucet.
looking for faucet recommendations and most reliable way to get hot & cold water to outside driveway.

should i just do two separate faucets and keep it simple? and use a wye outside with short pieces of hose when i want to mix to get warm water in winter? realistically i always went inside and turned off cold water ball valve so i got full hot to fill a bucket half way for car washing (stupid moen faucet would mix 70/30 cold to hot when on full hot which did not help in winter) then used mostly cold water rest of the time. it was rare i needed to have a hot/cold mix coming out the hose end for a 60-80° water temperature when it was below 50°F out.

worst part about two separate faucets is having to drill another hole through wall and siding but it's not a visible place so looks i really don't care about... more about functionality and reliability.


  • TrueDatTrueDat Member Posts: 8
    Woodford makes a hot/cold in the 22 series. Two handles on the outside, you're in charge of the mix.
  • LionA29LionA29 Member Posts: 254
    Can you please attach pics @Ron ?
  • ronron Member Posts: 143
    what would you like pics of?

    i settled on getting the woodford V22P-10-MH

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