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Fire Side chats with the RPA...

Mark EathertonMark Eatherton Member Posts: 5,552
The RPA’s Weekly Live Chat… and how to get in on it!

On Saturday September 6th, the RPA’s first live chat session will go, well… live!

The bi-weekly, invitation-only chat sessions will feature guest speakers such as prominent industry authorities, manufacturers, contractors and other trade organization directors. 

One hour, open-forum discussions will cover a variety of topics, from ground-source heat pumps, hydrogen fuel cells and other emerging technologies, to controls, ANSI code and certifications that concern today’s installer or engineer.  During the first discussion, industry trainers Robert Bean and John Siegenthaler will team up to dispel the myths about radiant heating and cooling. 

Co-hosted by the RPA’s executive director, Mark Eatherton, and F.W. Behler’s Dave Yates, the sessions – currently called, The Boiler Room - will include 45 minutes of structured discussion before opening up for Q+A. 

Since attendance is limited, contact Eatherton ([email protected]) to request an invitation.  Anyone can request a seat, but only RPA members will have access to recorded sessions in the RPA archives. Paid members will get priority over unpaid members if maximum available slots are filled for attending the show.

Soon after its first session, we’ll be looking to rename The Boiler Room, so join the name contest.  If you have a good idea for a name, email it to Eatherton.  If yours is picked, you’ll receive a lifetime chat session invitation and a $50.00 Visa Gift card.  Submissions should be sent no later than November 7th, and should be sent to [email protected]

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of your industry, share your ideas with peers, or even become an interviewee yourself.   The one thing that hasn’t changed from the “old” RPA, is the sense of camaraderie and interest in a common cause, and the need to share vital information.

If you would like to be an interviewee, drop Eatherton a line and let him know what you'd bring to the discussion. New products? New applications? Interesting concepts? No holds barred. Just need to be interesting and knowledgeable.

Got a problem that can't be solved? Bring it to the discussion and let some of the worlds most knowledgeable hydronics brain trust give it their best shot.

Thanks to Dan and TLM for giving us the opportunity to present you with this information.
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