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Ductless Split Head Placement

Good afternoon wallies,

The AC section has been quiet for the past few days, so to stir the pot here is a question for a job I am working on.

I have two options for head placement. One incorporates two units, the other requires just one.


Cooling load for the two rooms is one ton. If I use the two head option, it would be a total of 14kbtuh (smallest units sold are 7kbtuh).

The red option: The Daikin split unit head can not throw the distance of the whole room, thus the need for a second ducted unit placed in the ceiling of the entrance closet.

The green option: One single head. Daikin says the motorized louvers can spread air flow 15* in either direction and continually oscillate.



  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Is there a drop ceiling?

    If so, I'd probably opt for a four-way cassette.
  • Harvey RamerHarvey Ramer Member Posts: 1,910
    Load Calculations

    Looks like you have a lot of glazing, especially over there in the living room. I don't know how you did your loads but a situation like this is where it becomes very important to know your customers habits. You have to know what kind of blinds they have and how they use them. Do they want to sit in there with the windows 100% uncovered? Do they cover 50%? Is the foreground of the windows grass, concrete, asphalt? Depending on how they like to operate you may need two heads.

    Solar gain can really "fog up your smarts". Had it happen to me once in a similar situation, never again!

    Ramer Mechanical
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  • JackJack Member Posts: 936
    In this configuration

    you need to look at the orientation of the windows in the LR. If that is W to NW glazing you just get slammed in the summer with that low direct sun. It is, or can be, a load booster. IF, you go with one evap in this I'd suggest making sure you have one with a 4 way air sweep. You will need the horiz air distribution. You might try one of the mini air handler type units in the entrance. If there is an opportunity I like to use multiple evaps just to get the air circulation. Given that they modulate down so low you will not be getting hurt with 2-9's. If I was going with one unit I'd go with a 25 or so seer 12. But, what is the orientation?
  • NYplumberNYplumber Member Posts: 482
    North East

    The long wall with no windows faces NE.

    I convinced to have the client go with a cassette in the living room since the ceiling framing allows the hight. The dining room does not have sufficient hight in the ceiling so a wall unit will complement it on the opposite of the dining room.

    Thanks all for the replies.
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