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Overcharge Question

On a Rudd system with a scroll compressor, my neighbor shot some 22 in and it helped with the cooling problem. It was last charged 9 yrs.ago so I'm not that concerned with it leaking, I'm concerned that the liquid line does not stay cold for more than 5 minutes. Could that be a symptom of an overcharge? Not sure if it did that before, it cools better now but does not seem to draw down as fast as it did before.


  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144

    Maybe yes, maybe no.Put on a set of gauges,and knowing indoor/outdoor temps would help.
  • SpenceSpence Member Posts: 316

    First of all, the LL shouldn't be cold. Are ALL components clean? This is important to know before we talk about the refrigerant charge. Also identify your metering device.
  • CoanyCoany Member Posts: 90
    the liquid line should get warmer,even hot

    overcharged it would get really hot.

    an easy way to tell is to check the amperage, if its badly overchjarged it'll be high.
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  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,144
    edited June 2014

    Devils Advocate here, why wouldn't the LL get cooler due to the increased SubCooling by backing up the liquid Freon in the cond coil? Lets say the bottom 2-3 passes of the cond are full of liquid w/ a 10* SC, normal conditions, then an overcharge has the bottom 5-6 passes filled w/ liquid, with a higher SC. Ambient is 78*f .
  • SpenceSpence Member Posts: 316

    Remember that the PT chart is saturated; LL temperatures are going to be roughly ambient temperature. Hence, a "cold" line would point to a possible overcharge. However, the point remains: let's not fall into the charge trap until we're certain the system is clean and has a tolerable air flow.
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