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Mass Code any one

Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 3,904
know if Mass has updated their NFPA acceptance, last I knew was NFPA 54 was 2002 and NFPA 58 was also 2002?


  • Jeff WJeff W Member Posts: 55


    Not sure of the current one in use...but I think it is the 2002 on both. I do know they are reviewing the 2012 NFPA-54 currently and are making some Mass modifications to this. They will be adopting the 2012 version "soon"....but that could mean at least a year.
  • EricEric Member Posts: 261
    The MA....

    The gas codes for MA have not changed yet.

    We are currently using NFPA 54 (2002) and NFPA 58 (2001)

    They are working on a new code book that will be using newer versions, I heard the end of this year.
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