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Vibration after pipe change

PeteP33PeteP33 Member Posts: 2
Hey there everybody !!! Got a quick question hopefully someone get shed some light on this.

Have a hot water heating system that runs throughout my house with cast iron radiators . Runs on black pipe and unfortunately near one of the radiators the pipe started leaking.Called a plumber to have it replaced and he did so with copper fittings. Emptied the system checked the Mueller everything worked well bled the radiators A1. That same night i started hearing the pipes vibrating when the system would run. Fairly loud. Called the plumber to have a look and said that the metal pipes running through out the wall must have moved a bit when they removed the old broken pipe and replaced it with the copper . They looked around and noticed the pipe touching on some wood beams when the moved it off the wood the noise would stop but not at 100% . They then went to the circulating pump. It is an oil less pump s25, with three speeds . When they turned it to the second and third speed it would make more vibrating noise. They asked me to have the pump checked by my service provider because they didn't think it was normal for the pump to make such loud noise. Non the less they also felt the pipe vibrating behind one of my walls. The plumber said if its not the motor they recommend removing some paneling (wall) to see if the pipe is touching on the wood frame hence the noise. My main question is could the copper pipe be the reason its making the noise .I called in the service for the pump and they told me the pump is good. could it be just the pipe moved and is touching somewhere or the copper pipe is to blame ?? any help??


  • GordyGordy Member Posts: 7,122
    Pipe noise

    Usually if pipes are touching the structure there will be noise transmission. Expansion noise, vibration etc.

    Could also have debris in the system from pipe work. More than likely the plumber is correct in that the pipe in the wall may heave moved, and is now in contact with framing.

    Usually if there is a problem that did not exist prior look toward what has changed since then.
  • PeteP33PeteP33 Member Posts: 2
    Vibration after pipe change

    Thanks Gordy ... I actually noticed the motor making louder noise when they switched the settings but like the plumber said it may just be that the pipe got dislodged inside the wall when they had to unscrew the broken metal part and replace it. Unfortunately you hear it right behind my book case where there is some paneling and when you push the panels back it gets louder.So its obvious that part of the wall is touching the pipe. Will the noise stop if tighten properly? They tried moving it back in some sections that was touching the frame, where the pipe was visible and it was less noisy but still loud. They asked me if it was there before and if i'm just noticing it now ... but i really don't remember having that noise!!
  • GordyGordy Member Posts: 7,122
    The key

    To any noise is isolation, and or insulation.

    Isolation meaning not touching anything and where it does it has an isolation cushion.

    Insulation means well you know.
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