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Emergency contact info for Viessmann?

Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287
Why do worst case events always happen on weekends.........?

Looking for any number to call at Viessmann that I can get help with 3 failed heat exchangers ASAP.

Our old rep company had 24 hour contact #'s but the recently hired people apparently do not.

Anyone have a personal phone # for someone/anyone at Viessmann?


  • Some numbers

    Hi Steve:

    These are numbers that I've had for awhile:

    B.C. toll-free (877)853-3288 Sheen (receptionist)

    (604)533-9445 B.C. Matthew Bernd

    (604)341-9528 Andrew's cell

    (604)802-6327 Stuart's cell

    Waterloo, Ontario (800)387-7373 Reza

    National: Steve David (800)288-0667
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287
    Thanks Alan!

    Tried every number I have from old contacts but apparently Viessmann does not maintain tech service staff on weekends and nights like they used to.

    The thing that is rather disconcerting for me is that there is no local support from the new rep agency or the distributor either.

    This is a huge change, a seismic change, from the way Viessmann used to do business and it's not acceptable. Period.

    Makes me wonder what is going on........
  • knotgrumpyknotgrumpy Member Posts: 207

    Now that he has the numbers you may want to delete them from your post.  The owners may not want Google (or worse)  to grab their cell numbers for eternity.


  • Paul PolletsPaul Pollets Member Posts: 3,016
    Weekend contact

    They're supposed to return your call on weekends from the 800 number. Take it up with the US sales manager on Mon. am in Rhode Island. Or take it up with Mr. Lutz, the new US VP. We've had slight difficulties even on weekdays getting tech assistance. Sometimes the wait for return calls is over an hr. I try and deal with James Brown, who has been there long enough to know the boiler line from 25 years ago.
  • Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287
    edited March 2014
    No luck

    I find this difficult to believe Paul but I have been told by the distributor contact that we will not receive technical assistance with this until Monday.   Status update......

    From what my guys are telling me (I'm about 1,300 miles away) the heat exchangers have not failed. That was info from the building superintendent and was not accurate.

    What they have going on is 2 out of 4 boilers on the rack that will not fire or even make an attempt to do so. They are trying to determine if the issue is in the cascade control or in the individual boilers.

    The boilers in question do not fire even on a burner test. Pump energizes but not the inducer.
  • Paul PolletsPaul Pollets Member Posts: 3,016
    edited March 2014

    If you need heat exchangers, they wouldn't be shipped until Mon. anyway. Hopefully, they have them in stock. I had to wait 7 days for one I replaced 18 months ago due to lack of maintenance. (No cleaning for over 7 years) Be prepared to pay for the replacements and shipping until credit is approved. Maybe it's a control problem...
  • Viessmann Numbers


    Matthew and Bernd no longer work for Viessmann. Matt has moved on to a different company and Bernd has retired. 604-533-9445 is the local number for the BC sales office.

    Stuart has also moved on to a different company. The number that Allan posted is Stuarts personal cell phone - Please do not use.

    Andrew is a Territory Rep for BC and Yukon. 604-341-9528 is not for technical assistance nor for use outside of BC or the Yukon.

    1-800-387-7373 is the Toll Free number for Viessmann Canada in Waterloo Ontario - Reza is head of engineering and most likely not available for a technical call - ever.

    For all technical assistance call 1-888-484-8643 or contact your local Viessmann Rep or Agent.

    If you don't know how to contact your local rep, the link below will help.
  • Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287
    The guy on the big white hourse did finally show up

    We never did get a call from the rep that I know of despite leaving messages on their emergency number.

    My guys did get in touch with the distributor that originally sold us the product but there was no technical help available there. Without that they were unable to determine what exactly was wrong as none of the failed units showed failure codes. Just nothing......

    They called the manager at the Viessmann distributor up north of us and THAT guy bent over backwards to get us some help even though he didn't even sell us the job originally.


    My guys drove up there (4 hour round trip) and Fred loaded them up with parts and sent 'em back to the job.

    Final resolution of the issues did not come however until Monday morning when James Brown called and talked with my son Matthew. They had it nailed in 10 minutes. THAT call would have been really nice Friday night or Saturday morning.

    I am wishing the previous Viessmann rep was still on the job quite frankly.
  • I liked calling the B.C. office!

    Sheen was the receptionist and she had a foxy voice.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • I Like calling the BC office too...

    I'm not saying don't call the Langley office. Just be aware that there have been some changes.

    604-533-9445 is a good number to call during normal office hours 8:00-4:30PT. I typically ask for Scott whenever I need technical assistance.

    BTW: Most manuals as well as parts books are available online. Download a copy and familiarize yourself with Viessmann's parts book and you'll be a step ahead of your competition. When you need a part, you could have the number in hand before you make the call to your distributor while the other guy is calling his distributor who in turn is calling his rep who may need to call Viessmann, or may not even be available... you get the picture. Here's the link:

    Stimulating reading it ain't, but it sure comes in handy when you need it... That and a bottle of The Glenrothes.....
  • ChrisChris Member Posts: 3,056
    Wish I Saw Your Original Post

    Would have had you call me.. What was the issue in the end?
    "The bitter taste of a poor installation remains much longer than the sweet taste of the lowest price."
  • Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287
    One thing lead to another..........

    Despite the boilers being plumb, level and square with the earth, condensate had dripped from the rolled edge seam on the bottom of the heat exchanger housing. There were no leaks in the heat exchangers themselves as originally reported by the building manager.

    My guys had to source parts (boards and gas valves) from a distributor other than the one that originally supplied the 4 boiler rack system. (200 mile round trip) After they got those installed on Saturday night, 2 of the boilers still would not run. No fault codes, nothing on the display showing there was a call for the burner to run either.

    They could not find anything in the I/O or service manual that covers this type of situation.

    It was like there was no call for heat on those 2 boilers. Everyone was stumped and wondered if there was an issue with the  Cascade control so  Andy and Matt went through the entire thing and reprogrammed it to see if that changed anything on Sunday. Still no errors or faults showing on the boilers or the Cascade control. Still no "fire in the hole".

    At -22*F and only 2 boilers running they had to cancel school on Monday.

    James Brown from Viessmann got in touch with my son Matthew on Monday morning and between the two of them had it figured out in 10 minutes. (which would have been REALLY nice on Friday night or Saturday.)

    The issue, along with the soaked valves and boards was the wiring harness itself. Apparently there was enough corrosion on the terminals that the boilers were not receiving any signal, or the wrong signal to fire.

    So, another 200 mile trip to get the complete wiring harnesses for those two boilers....

    After installing those both boilers fired up immediately and have run fine since.

    As things stand now we have the seam on the heat exchanger housing sealed with high temp silicone and will be meeting with the rep next week to determine a final resolution of the leak issue.

    Apparently even though the face of the boiler is level, the heat exchanger itself is possibly not. This can allow condensate to puddle inside the housing and eventually drip.

    i would advise any contractor s with these units installed to go back and check the installations to make sure the actual face of the heat exchanger itself is level. Viessmann covers this in a manual published September of 2013 but these boilers were installed in 2010.  The boiler housing and the heat exchanger may not be "square" with each other.
  • ChrisChris Member Posts: 3,056

    Anytime that wiring harness see's wet you have to replace it. I had a few but never came across no fault codes, usually get a burner blocked fault. The only time I come across no fault codes is when you don't make the flow switch and its usually because the boiler itself is air bound..If you ever have an issue down the road and can't get a hold of someone be more then happy to help you out..
    "The bitter taste of a poor installation remains much longer than the sweet taste of the lowest price."
  • Steve EbelsSteve Ebels Member Posts: 1,287
    Yah we were stumped.

    That was the strange thing. No codes of any kind and the boiler pump would run, which to me would mean the boiler was seeing a call for heat. That proved to not be the case.
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