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No luck with my Noritz question

M LaneM Lane Member Posts: 123
on the hot water wall. So I'll post again here. I have their technical assistence number, but have not been overly impressed by whoever is on the other side.

I have a NC111, pretty big condensing unit. 3 years old, I flush the HX every year.

Lately, it has shown troubling signs. One, while waiting endlessly for the full temp water to arrive at the outlet, I've often felt a dip in the temperature. it then returns to increasing.

The other thing its doing is when a large draw is underway, and an additional outlet is opened, it drops the flame. I have to reset the controller, and it comes back on.

I'm looking for any inside knowledge from guys who've already had to troubleshoot them. Thanks in advance.



  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,743
    Did you...

    check you incoming gas pressure and you manifold gas pressure? How about your incoming water temps?...the water is much colder this time of year.
  • Robert_HRobert_H Member Posts: 135

    "when a large draw is underway, and an additional outlet is opened, it drops the flame."

    I had the same probelm and it was gas pressure being too low during the winter because of demand and Ice in the lines. We had to adjust our high usage to off peak times until the city got to our street in the line replacements.

    I would ask your suppler install a pressure gauge at the meter and log your readings for a few days during peak and off peak times.

    Good luck.
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