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Can't Get Baby's Room Warm

My Wife and I live in a duplex.  Our bedroom and main bathroom are on the ground level (IE basement) and on one zone of heat.  We have cast iron radiators and use a hot water boiler.  There is one manifold for both bathroom and bedroom.

We recently completed renovations to add a small second bedroom on this floor for our new baby.  The room is 7*14ft.  Our contractor put in slant-fin baseboard heating to the room (with PEX piping) and connected it to the same single loop zone as the rest of the basement.

The thermostat for this floor is in the bedroom.  We are finding that the baby's bedroom stays ~8-10 degrees cooler then our bedroom.  Our contractor has agreed to help fix the problem but we are stuck on the appropriate solution.  Three options have been offered up.  I'd love some feedback on which one of these might be best or if there's another option we're not thinking of.

1) Move thermostat:  We've had one recommendation to move the thermostat out of our bedroom and into the baby's bedroom or in the small hallway outside of this room.  I'm concerned that while this might help the baby's bedroom get to a temperature closer to what is set on the thermostat, that it won't solve the heat disparity between the two rooms...and that if we get the baby's bedroom up to wife and I will be boiling in our bedroom. 

2) Remove slant-fin baseboard and put in Burnham (or other brand) of cast-iron baseboard.  One plumber has recommended doing this.  He's indicated that it won't be cheap, but that having all radiators the same material and heat type (cast-iron radiator) will help keep temperature more consistent room-to-room.  He's indicated that the problem we're having now has to do with the fact that the cast-iron radiators, once hot, don't need much energy to retain their temperature and that the furnace shuts down for long spells...during these shut downs, the baby's room gets cold as the slant-fin loses all heat once the furnace goes off.

3) Replace slant-fin with electric baseboard...or add electric baseboard.  This recommendation came from the electrical inspector.  He said why bother trying to get temperature consistencies in multiple rooms off of one zone...just put in electric baseboard.  I'm not opposed to this idea...but like the idea of 2 better if it would work.

Thanks for everyones help!


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