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Looking for a Buderus design pro

As recommended......well by everybody in my thread "need some serious help" it seems I need an expert to design my system.

What I am heating: 3400 sq. ft. Super insulated two story located on a northern exposure bay on lake champlain in Plattsburgh, ny. The foundation is slab on grade on a full 8' footer, 2" rigid around the entire inside of the foundation with a 1" thermo break were the slab keys into the wall. It is insulated with combination closed and open cell. Roof has 4" closed cell with 6" open. The walls are all 2" to 3" closed then finished with open except the northern exposed wall has 4" closed 2" open. The windows are all low-e-glass double hung except 1 casement.

How it is currently set up which can not be changed.

Zone 1 is the main first floor. It has 6 300' 1/2" pex runs on insulated uponor panels.

Zone 2 is the 2nd floor all bb registers

Zone 3 is the garage, 2 300 in floor runs

Zone 4 is the driveway. It has 2 350 runs on uponor panels and 2" rigid around the perimeter bedded in sand with pavers on top.. I know the runs are too long but I can't change that now.

The whole system is antifreezed with the buderus safe product.

The boiler is a buderus gb142/45. I have 1 circulator that came with the system, 1 taco 1500 and 3 taco 1100's. An AM10, a trek mar 665 with out door sensor. I am ordering the slab sensor but do not have it yet. And most of the required parts. Low water shut off, spirovent etc. I would like to reuse as many of these parts as possible.

I'm sure more information is needed so please ask if interested in helping design it.

Best regards



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    I will PM you with my information
    You didn't get what you didn't pay for and it will never be what you thought it would .
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