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Dan Holohan

Feb 1 2014

Dan Holohan,

We have a home we built in 2007 with radiant floor powered by a W.M Ultra 105 for 2100 sq ft of living area. Last fill on LP was $1.75 per gallon. Today my wife made me turn it off since LP hit $5 bucks a gallon to use electric heat out of the ceiling. Air never was a good heat sink. I am freezing. Did a beautiful job installing the system with a WM 80 gallon WH to feed my wifes hot tub. It would not work untill i contacted the "wall" where one boiler pro told me, "Get the W.M installation instructions out + install it as exactly as shown there. Came on line perfectly then. The Domestic must come right off the boiler before the S + R to the radiant floor.

Tonite i was cleaning off my desk. Started reading P+M page 24, "When i am 64" actaully read all of page 24 to look to the top to see your pretty face~And right next to me was "The Lost Art of Steam Heating. Really a true story. Today, i had an out of stater call me saying she just bought a house in Nauvoo IL with a boiler + wanted to see if i could tear it out to put in forced air + AC. My question to her was, "Hot water heat is the cadialac of heating systems. I have a boiler in my new house and just love it since it is so warm" She had some leaking Cast Iron with a 2007 boiler varily new. Never will i tear out again a hot water or steam system for a forced air system. You can call some one else. Steam is so warm as you know and after all it was installed by "dead Men"

I hope this picture off my desk comes thru. As i left my insurance agents office thursday nite, I said to him, "Hug the kids~!" Since it is a Jan mag + you turned 64 "This month", I too turn 64 (March) We are birthday buddies too. Thank you for imparting your knowledge to the trade. We too have a part of you. Love you Dan.

Bob Borders Bob's Htg West Point Iowa 52656


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