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Air in system

Jrg23Jrg23 Member Posts: 1
Okay i have tried everthing to get air out of two zones in a hotel. Each room comes off of a monoflo loop with a zone valve on the supply side. i bleed the air out of return side hosecock and room is fine for the day the following day its back. I have looked for leaks in system and all looks good. so not sure what else to do very frustrating.

Any thoughts would be great.


  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,774
    Is it air locking ....

    up or just gurgling? I would add a 1/2cup of dawn/ Ajax dishwashing soap.. Raise the system pressure to 18.  pretty sure it will work. Let us know.
  • M LaneM Lane Member Posts: 123
    edited February 2014
    Air Vents

    Any out remote along the piping run? Like at a high point? Maintenance guys add them all the time thinking that'll solve problems. An auto vent say at a baseboard or in the attic will actually suck air in.
  • new boiler?

    New boiler with new pumps piped incorrectly?? Got any pictures??
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