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   Okay where were we oh yes,  I was winning the beer drinking contest but Chuck Cauley  from Detroit, Mich. was in a close second but he was always better paced at that than I was: but what the heck he always started at 10:00 am everyday. I miss ole Chuck. Yes we were a screwed up bunch of techs. Had one cross dresser ( LOL ROTF ) true found that at one night when we went to a topless bar and shim was waiting tables. Chuck's brother Ken said damn look over there that's &^%$ My cousin Terry said no that can't be she's to ugly to be *&^%$.

   All the old crew except myself,  cousin Terry and one of the Albertson brothers are dead and gone, I sure do miss them ole boys; a lot of good times and some really bad hangovers back then. Albertson smoked so much pot over the years I believe it fried his brain. Terry opened his own appliance store and prostate cancer about got him but he is still fighting. My dad was a really mean sob and that's enough about him: his is dead know.

   Dad took a call late one Saturday night and sent Chuck and Mike Mauldin  ( he dead to ) up to Mt. Rest on a no heat call. Chuck sent Mike under the crawl space to see why this oil fired furnace was making a terrible bang when the blower came on. Like I said Chuck paced himself on a regular basis, when he turned around all he saw was the back of Mike running down the road. Yes getting late try to finish tomorrow.



P.S. folks it gets better


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