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How do i get this down

I have a GE downfire boiler that I need to take out of my house this weekend, so I can put a peerless on the floor in my levitt.

How do you guys get these out safely?


  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 902
    edited January 2014

    Would you get rid of that? Seriously I would first call in a asbestos Co. and have it tested. I had an old boiler that had asbestos around it and the co. came in and wrapped it up in plastic and had I'm not kidding, 10 guys carry it out in one piece.
  • dalipaintedmedalipaintedme Member Posts: 17

    As per the bank, we had it tested when we purchased the house, and it came back non asbestos.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    No asbestos?

    I'm more than a bit surprised, given its age and configuration.

    Plasma cutters work quite well...
  • M LaneM Lane Member Posts: 123
    edited January 2014

    the heavy stuff is the WORST aspect of our jobs. That, and the phone ringing at 3 a.m. during a blizzard. We have steel toe boots and almost always come up with sort of specific plan involving some rigging and some planks, ramps, etc.; plus lots of hands. Its not really a answer over the internet question. Think about chain-falls, come-a-longs, engine hoists, straps, shackles, unistrut/angle iron. Cast-iron will break into pieces with a sledgehammer. Get a good respirator for everyone in the area. Sawzvalls, demo saws, plastic tenting....

    If there is a platform we can't see (you said get this down), perhaps you set up a couple 2x12 ramps with something on the bottom like a cleat to keep from sliding out and 'walk' the thing down with at least 3 other guys. This sort of thing is almost always sketchy, be forewarned
  • M LaneM Lane Member Posts: 123
    What he said

    "No asbestos?

    I'm more than a bit surprised, given its age and configuration."

    Yeah. More than surprised is right. That thing dates to abestos' heyday.
  • Alan (California Radiant) ForbesAlan (California Radiant) Forbes Member Posts: 1,262
    edited January 2014

    I don't want anyone to get hurt, especially on my crew.  I hire a moving company for anything that scares me.  They move heavy things every day and know how to do it.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • jumperjumper Member Posts: 977
    do you need the room?

    Otherwise you can save some serious money.
  • Stephen MinnichStephen Minnich Member Posts: 1,751
    Break it

    I'd strip it down to the shell, put a piece of plywood beneath it, put on all my safety gear, and bust it up with a very big hammer.
    It's all in the details.
  • Bob Gagnon plumbing and heatingBob Gagnon plumbing and heating Member Posts: 1,344
    edited January 2014
    Some Scrappers

    Will dismantle and remove it for free, if they get the scrap, at least here in Massachusetts anyway. It sure looks like asbestos on there though, you might want to double check that.

    Thanks, Bob Gagnon
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  • MpjMpj Member Posts: 109

    Ask Ron Jr. He is the king of these
  • bill nyebill nye Member Posts: 307
    I think

    I think Ron JR could pick that thing up and carry it to the truck by himself. Him and his crew could have that out and the new one running before noon !
  • billbill Member Posts: 429
    Moving Company

    I'm with Alan on that one.

    The most novel idea of removing an old huge chuck of C.I. was to dig a hole in the basement and bury the thing. That house had to have been built around it.

    Talk about contrast. Now let's toss a couple of these Mod/Cons here up on the wall here:)
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356

    A few years back on an old hotel, we plasma cut two Kewanee fire-tube monsters (3.85 MM BTU each) into pieces and hauled them out of the basement by hand (elevator was not yet restored at the time.)  Replaced them with three TT 399k mod/cons, two of which currently meet the load, down to 6ºF (design temp is 14ºF.)
  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Bank tested Asbestos:

    Who hired the asbestos testing company. You or the bank? I'd have it tested again for someone working for YOU. If it shows up somewhere, tests positive for asbestos, and there is no permit trail, you will be on the no-no list. The laws don't allow a homeowner to claim ignorance to get rid of it.

    As "I" understand it, if there is ANY amount of asbestos on it, it needs remediation. Call a asbestos remediation company and have them check it for YOU. They will also know people that will remove it.

    If you have followed any of the banking/foreclosure scandals in the news, Banks aren't your friends. Especially when they want to get a piece of non -performing property off their books.

    I've never seen a bank or a Real Estate Agent lie. Except when it might affect a sale. Why do you think that "Home Inspections" inspectors have forms with only three answers to the questions?

    #1: Excellent

    #2: Acceptable

    #3: Fail.

    In a new house, I've never seen #1 (Excellent) checked. #2 (acceptable) gives very wide latitude for being "OK". #3 has to be really bad to fail. If an inspector is too tough, he won't be asked by the Real Estate Agent to do another inspection if they kill a sale by being too picky.

    Answer this to me. As old as that crib is, what were the alternatives to asbestos when that tank was installed? Asbestos didn't really become a hot button issue until the late 1970's, early 1980's.
  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,746
    Not something you ....

    do on a whim. I used one of these one to lift a boiler up.

    It will do the job if you get it on to the forks right. Still the white crap on the outside scares me.....
  • bill nyebill nye Member Posts: 307
    get down

     I would probably get some 6x6 oak blocks or 4x4 's or cement boiler blocks and build them up to the height of the steel platform your boiler is on. I would take all of the circulators and controls off. Then I would slide the boiler onto the blocks. You need to have help, and I would rock the boiler side to side removing the blocks until it was on the ground. Then remove with hand truck. You could probably use a furniture dolly to slide the boiler onto also.

    somebody lifted that thing up there, getting it down is always easier, gravity is on your side.
  • billbill Member Posts: 429
    On the other hand

    The bank let the sale go through because an old asbestos ridden boiler is sitting there minding it's own bussiness. That's fine. Once things start getting moved around everyone gets excited. To the OP, just keep things quiet and safe and nobody will be harmed. Dispose of properly.
  • dalipaintedmedalipaintedme Member Posts: 17

    For all of the help and suggestions, I have 4 guys helping me lower it today. We're going to soak it in water and wrap it in plastic. I made a 4*4 beam in the floor above and cut open the sun floor. The plan is to attach some HD stapa to it and lower it down pulley style . Tonight I removed all of the attachments .
  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Good for you .

    first mark each pipe, wire , at or near the wall ceiling floor S and R , zone 1 , 2, 3 .

    trim back thermostat wires to each zone and get them numbered and and in a box . with at least 12 " in the box.

    trim away all the pipe at every port and opening.

    get a bucket of water and stash it out of the way some where nearby.

    (you can slide iron on concrete with water ...)

    have some heavy duty contractor grade bags on hand .

    cut all the pipes back at the walls ceilings and floors and leave about 8 " or so to reconnect later.

    spend 20 $ on a shop vack vac out the boiler take the stack and but it all into a green bag and take it outside away from where you have to be going and make as clear a path as you can .

    if you have to bust the thing up and cannot slide it on cement ,

    get some more hands to help and some card board boxes for like a fridge or water heater then throw a drop cloth on top of that and bust it out of the place it resides onto the ground.

    clean the area with the shop vack clean the flue a bit take one of the green bags and shove it into the hole in the stack.and basically make a cork with some old towels ...

    that should at least give you some room to work , and a place to start when you go to set in the new boiler.

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