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Dumb Like a Fox

Harvey RamerHarvey Ramer Member Posts: 1,912
It's the phenomenon that occurs when a frugal minded person sets out in an attempt to get a project done at the lowest possible price. A typical rule seems to be that this enterprising individual will purchase equipment from "god knows where" and have some guy doing side work install it. It works for a little bit, then it doesn't work.

Where is the guy who does side work?  

So after a myriad of guys down the street and people who know people, there it is! He's calling in a Pro.

Pro makes his assessment and quotes a price.

Guy doubles over in pain and begrudgingly signs a contract.

Pro makes the repairs and everything is good.

Upon reflection Guy realizes he paid twice again what it would have cost to get a Pro in the first place and he still has cheap, low quality equipment. He balls his fists and grits his teeth in anguish.

He was Dumb Like a Fox
Ramer Mechanical
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