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Warmboad Vs Thermalboard

TomTom Member Posts: 458
Hey all

If the bank is willing, I will be building my own house this spring. Of course I want to make good choices that I will not regret for years to come. One of them being to go warmboard or thermalboard. Thermalboard is half the price but twice the pain on installation but can be put in after all the interior rough in is done which is a bonus. So my question is has anyone used thermalboard? If so what kind of difference in water temperatures between them, I know Warmboard is the best possible choice, but if thermalboard gives the same water temps without noise while running then I can afford to get good hardwood floors.
Montpelier Vt


  • As I remember,

    Warmboard is best for extracting heat and Thermalboard is not far behind.  Engineering tables should be available for both somewhere in their literature.

    Noise reduction is accomplished by using the tubing with the quietest oxygen barrier.  I seem to remember always using Uponor tubing.
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  • TomTom Member Posts: 458
    edited December 2013

    According to the charts at 20btu per sqft warmboard is 90 and thermalboard is 98 Typically real world numbers and applications make a lot more sense to me. So my second question is has anyone done both and can testify to the numbers?

    The noise I speak of is squeaking coming from the thermalboards on the subfloor. I am sure if it's done right its no problem just want to ask first.
    Montpelier Vt
  • hot rodhot rod Member Posts: 7,085
    type of material

    I used another brand of product that was a composite, particle makeup. If you go that route be sure to avoid any applications where it could get wet or damp. Mine blew up where it got wet near an entry door.

    Warmboard, is a stout product, you do need to protect it during construction. I installed several WB jobs and chose to install the tube after the walls were up and sheetrocked. It saved wear on the tubing during wintertime construction, but it was a job cleaning out all the grooves.

    On the next WB jobs we put thin masonite over the entire floor for protection.

    Pros and cons to both products. determine who installs the WB. framing crews balk, unless they know before they bid the job that WB is the subfloor. It does take more time and muscle to put in properly.
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
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