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Low heat from hydronic baseboard radiators

Hope I am in the right forum!  Around 2000 I installed a radiant hot water heating system in our small 2 storey house ( 1300 sq. ft. no basement). Furnace is on the ground floor and feeds a 1-1/4" copper loop that goes around the ceiling of the ground floor. I have 6 zones. Each zone is fed through mono-flow tees (sp?) and 3/4" copper pipe to a baseboard radiator. On the ground floor, several radiators are fed from 1 zone. The return of each radiator goes through a mono-flow tee back into the 1-1/4" loop.

The system does work, but when the outside temperature goes below freezing, it seems that very little heat comes out of many of the radiators. The second floor radiators seem to work the best, but we seldom have heat on in the bedrooms.

I am beginning to suspect poor system design (my fault!) and the mono-flow tees/loop may have been a poor choice. I would appreciate any comments on this!

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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