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Hey Dan and my fellow wetheads

Surgery went very well, I was never so happy to get that 3/8 rubber hose out of my  pe*&^%.. Trying to be polite, OK it wasn't 3/8 but after 3 weeks it felt like it.  Got a quick question about a Bosch tank-less condensing water heater. I installed a new boiler and the home owner asked if I would install a new tank-less water heater and I agreed no big deal. Here is my problem, they got the unit from their brother-in-law whom is a distributor for Bosch. It is a outdoor unit ( convertible ).

I called Bosch fro some questions regarding this unit and they said yes but the system required a conversion kit for out door use. The dealer assured me he had this kit in stock, but 2 weeks later and no top, promised for sure it would be here Monday am. I guess his sister had all the cold shower she could take. He insist that if you take and install 2 elbows on top it will work ( keep in mind the unit is under a 4 foot over hang. Now here is my question, ever time we fire up the unit it runs for 30 seconds and then locks out. It says overheat on back flow temp, I cant remember the code either e3 but pretty sure its e4.

Now Bosch says it wont work but the distributor says it will ; its something I did wrong and that may be possible. What is real strange when I called up Bosch  the first time they claimed They didn't make the unit and then agreed they did. Now I have did every thing the installation manual said. I left the gap of 1/4 between the drain, I poured 14 ounces of water in the trap, I went on line tonight and went to Bosch's website and looked up the installation manual. Its about 100 pages long. but what come with the unit is not as near detailed as what is on line. I am going back over there tomorrow to check every thing but just thought some of you fine wet-heads might have some suggestions.

Peace Be With You

David C. Broome

P.S. 3 hours of surgery and my back is still killing me lol 



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