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Tools to connect a Burnham Baseray?

I recently had a leak at one of the joints so I ordered new push nipples for the baseray.

It's a pretty long section as you can see in the photos.

Any ideas on how to get enough pressure to join the section?

I found the original baseray tool from this link:

They told me that it's very fragile and often breaks in shipping so I would have to pay for it if anything happened. So basically they highly recommended I did not rent it from them.

Any other ideas on what to use? People have mentioned using a clamp but I don't see how you would connect the clamp to make this happen?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • i have

    I have two of them... its the best way to put them together.. btw, if you have one set of push nipple leaky, best to replace them all...
  • MikeLMikeL Member Posts: 145
    test the repair


    I will let you borrow my assembly tool, where are you located? We always make a waist high work station with a pair of saw horses and some plywood, I find it a lot easier to work above the floor - just be sure to handle the baseray correctly, flipping it up right before carrying it will help insure the integrity of the joints. We like to air test the completed unit before putting it back into service..................
  • scalhounscalhoun Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for suggestions. I am located in Bedford, PA. Yeah I'm pretty much stuck right now until I can get my hands on a tool. :)
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