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How Does this Install Look?

saikosissaikosis Member Posts: 57
My father just had his hot water boiler replaced because of a crack in the block. He had the work done by one of the contractors that I considered for putting in a new steam boiler for me. I was curious what you guys thought of his work. Note that this guy is NOT listed here.

The first two are the old boiler and piping.


  • Harvey RamerHarvey Ramer Member Posts: 1,912
    The Install looks nice.

    Apparently the guy has an eye for neatness, which is a good thing!

    There are some things we do differently with the piping. It is always best to put the circulators on the supply side, pumping away from the expansion tank. Primary-Secondary piping is also the preferred method. In a header and branch system like the picture shows, the circulator controls must be integrated into the triple aquastat and not allowed to come on until the boiler reaches approximately 140°.
    Ramer Mechanical
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  • DanscrewDanscrew Member Posts: 115
    Nice clean Install

    Good luck with your new system Looks great  stay warm my friend   Dan
  • RobGRobG Member Posts: 1,850
    Primary Secondary

    I don't know the flow rates of the zones but I would not feel comfortable not having primary secondary piping on that system. The installer did obviously take pride in his or her workmanship.


  • Paul PolletsPaul Pollets Member Posts: 3,017

    1. Not "pumping away", which adds air to system

    2. 1 (Smart) pump and 5 zone valves would have used 70% less power

    3. No pipe insulation

    4. No outdoor rest control

    Otherwise, the system was assembled with some craftsmanship, but there's more to it than shiny copper and a row of pumps.
  • saikosissaikosis Member Posts: 57

    Thanks for the feedback. The guy was very neat and professional. He actually had seven guys on site for the install. My father said there were so many people and so much material flying around that he thought the install would be a disaster, but he was pleasantly surprised when the dust settled.

    I know a little about steam, but nothing about hot water systems, so I'm not sure what pumping away means or what primary-secondary piping is. I'll try to read up on this stuff. In the mean time, can I turn the question around and ask what problems might pop up that my dad should watch out for?

    I appreciate the help.
  • SteveSteve Member Posts: 234

    Do you think the owner has the right to ask the installer to do any of the changes recommended here?
  • GordyGordy Member Posts: 7,106
    Not Really

    Except maybe the primary secondary piping if the install requires it, and there ends up being problems.

    Zoning with circs verses zone valves involves more energy consumption.

    Pumping away from the expansion tank facilitates better air removal in the system.

    Pipe insulation is going to keep the btus in the piping to get where they need to be.

    Outdoor reset is another energy conservation option.

    Its tough for a homeowner to know what they should be getting for the most energy efficient system possible. And know proper piping practices, zoning options etc.

    Bottom line its the difference between the highest price install, and the lowest price.........but not always.
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