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Steam trap

BARGOBARGO Member Posts: 11
I have wet steam. While a couple vents clog occasionally, one particular vent is clogging with water all the time. Is there a steam trap for radiators? I was thinking I could install a trap at that specific radiator. Do you think that would solve the problem there. I already had the the boiler re-piped according to peerless's manual. I wish I had told them to use a bigger header than recommended. I can't afford to do it again. So is a trap at the radiator possible?



  • Trap at end of rad?

    Is this a 2-pipe system? Post some pictures of the boiler piping, and the radiators so we can see how it is.

    If this is a 2-pipe vented system, you may need orifices.--NBC
  • RodRod Posts: 2,067
    Steam Problems

    Hi- As NBC suggested posts some pictures of your system. A picture of the offending radiator and a few of you boiler and piping. Also let us know the make (you said Peerless) and model of the boiler. This will help us understand you system and its layout.  At what pressure is your system operating? (It should be at 2 PSI or under).

    Has your boiler been skimmed? Do you have a skim port?

    - Rod
  • BARGOBARGO Member Posts: 11

    Sorry I couldn't respond back earlier.  I have one pipe steam.  There are vents installed on the pipes throughout the basement.  A company put them in when Heating was terrible slow when I moved in 15 years ago.  They said the original may have been a vacuum system.  The offending radiator is pictured, but many will fill with water.  It doesn't happen enough that it's a problem except the one pictured.  I don't know what skimming is or a skimming port?  I operate the pressure at 1.5.  I can't seem to find a model #.  I'll keep looking.  The guy who re-piped brought the manual and showed me the pipe that was required.  Any feedback wood be appreciated.

  • BobCBobC Member Posts: 4,457
    edited November 2013
    more info

    It looks like you are using Heat Timer Varivalves on that radiator, what is the vent rate set to? That particular vent can be set so it vents MUCH TOO FAST. You might try tuning them all down low and see how the system works then, it will heat slower but lets see if the water accumulation stops.

    How many radiators does the system have and what model is your boiler? Does the water in the sight glass bounce up and down a lot when it is making steam? If there is a lot of bounce that indicates you have oils in the boiler water and skimming has to be done to remove the water.

    Do you have any water hammer? Do all the radiators pitch back towards the input pipe. On a single pipe system the radiator valve has to be fully open or fully closed. it can't be in between Do all the pipes have proper pitch? Don't trust your eyes use a level.

    Smith G8-3 with EZ Gas @ 90,000 BTU, Single pipe steam
    Vaporstat with a 12oz cut-out and 4oz cut-in
    3PSI gauge
  • BARGOBARGO Member Posts: 11
    Clogged vent

    I have 18 radiators. This radiator has always been a problem. Even before we did the bathroom. The old one clogged too. The vari vent is new. I have tried many different vents there with the same result. I'll try the vent at its lowest setting. I do have some bounce but it's always been that way. Would flushing the water out be skimming or do I need to add something to the water. I have checked the pitch on the radiators and they all are good. I have a little water hammer, but it is not always and not real load in a couple walls. What I don't understand is why the water sits in the valve and does not drain. Do you know what keeps it from draining back into the radiator? Is it air locked in there?

  • Mark NMark N Member Posts: 1,035

    Put the vent in the correct spot.  It belongs half way down the last section not mounted at the top of the last section.  There should be a boss on the last section that can be drilled and tapped for the vent.
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