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Am I dealing with a knucklehead?

We have a 4300 sq. ft. 3 story house. I *think* we have a two-pipe system on the first floor and a one-pipe system on the upper two.

Last year, we had the burner converted from oil to natural gas, and no problems all winter. The tank connected to the automatic water feeder pump was leaking and we replaced it. Everything worked great and no major water hammer or other issues.

This season, the water hammer is absolutely cataclysmic and two of the radiators aren't working properly (one not at all.) We had a very small hole in one pipe which was leaking onto the basement floor. I had the contractor out to fix this and clean the unit and told him about the issues. He tried opening the supply valves further on the two that weren't working and suggested partially closing them on other radiators to "push the steam" to the ones that weren't working. That's when I started to worry that he might not know what he's doing.

I am attaching several pictures of our boiler piping, etc. I have spent quite a bit of time looking around in the basement and I can't find a main vent. One picture is of the only thing I could find that looked like it *should* be the vent, but it is capped. The contractor said it looked like a radiator had been moved and that is why it is capped. I think he said some systems don't have a main air vent?

I also wonder about our pressuretrol situation. We seem to have two? The Honeywell looks like it has had one of the scales removed. We also have a round gauge that gives the pressure, and it has been found with the needle pegged on the wrong side of the peg that holds it near 0. The contractor thought this gauge is sticky and would replace it next time he came out.

I have cleaned out all the air vents on the radiators, and all supply valves seem to be open. I flush the low-water cutoff (we have two) every day or so. The steam seems wet.

There were no contractors listed on this site who work in our area, which is northern Delaware near Philadelphia.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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