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I got the bill letter from the maintenence office.

magic90015magic90015 Member Posts: 26
So I slept in my friend's house.

and came back to get something from apartment.

and the office put a letter on my door.

and I got the letter sayin I have to pay $75.

I went to the office and just stared them and payed the bill and stared at them.

In letter it says ' As we preciously stated to you on numerous occasions the noise that you are hearing is the zone valve for your heat. This is a normal sound and there are no repairs needed'

This guy at the office is the rudest person  top 5 rudest guy I've ever met.


  • bethca

    Bet the zone valve piped backward.... what a horsecraP management u have..
  • magic90015magic90015 Member Posts: 26
    just rude office


    The noise is one thing but

    they were really rude Don't want to see them anymore.
  • MDNLansingMDNLansing Member Posts: 297
    Small Claims Court

    This is nuts. That sound is not a normal zone valve noise. You have video proof of that. No plumber in the world will claim that is a zone valve making the noise. You need to take them to small claims court, play that video for a judge, and let him smack them around a little bit. What they are doing to you is not even legal, never mind the morality of this.
  • let us Wallies know

    Let us know when you will be on Judge Judy !
  • magic90015magic90015 Member Posts: 26
    I don't like Judge Judy.

    I don't like judge judy, Judege Judy always cut words when someone speaks and nags lol. But thanks anyway!
  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,516

    Be very sure you document every part of this very carefully.

    I would have a record of every interaction you have had with this company. Include times,dates.people present and any quotes that you can think of.

    You need to be proactive and take this up with your local housing board. They should be able to advise you as to the local laws. The video you have should be very convincing.

    I would send the management company a certified letter stating why the bill will not be paid.This will give you ammunition should the bill be sent to collections. I would also let them know that you will be asking for a refund on your rent for the nights the apartment could not be occupied.

     I would copy the housing board on all future corespondents with the management company.

    Are property managers licensed in your State? I would contact the licensing agency as well.

    This battle will be won by you if you document it correctly.

    Do you have a lease? Is any of this covered in it?

    Try to keep your emotions out of this, you do not want to give the authorities any reason to think you are being unreasonable. Just present them with the facts and ask for their advise and assistance.

    Is it possible to find out who lived there before you? They may have had the same issue.

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • Infernal noise

    It does not matter whether the noise comes from a zone valve, or the radiator in the apartment. The problem is that you are hearing a constant irritating noise which is interfering with your peaceful enjoyment of the apartment. There is also no justification in a charge for examining the problem.

    What city are you in? There are city inspectors whose job is to make sure that apartments are clean, comfortable, and safe. You would have every justification to ask for an inspection by them of the situation.

    The irony of this situation is that the system is undoubtably badly maintained, and therefore using more fuel than it should!--NBC
  • EastmanEastman Member Posts: 783
    Why did you pay it?

    You should be sending them a bill!
  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Noisey Zone Valve:

    I don't know where the zone valve came in but:

    Take a photo of the valve, the one that makes the noise.  If it is a Taco wax motor type, they are notorious for making a noise that is similar to what you are hearing. It does sound different than what I am used to hearing, but post the picture anyway.

    That must be some low rent crib you're living in. I'd be planning on the See You Later. Move into something that doesn't have the same problem. They'll probably try to screw you on your security deposit. It isn't the only place in your town. If management doesn't give a hoot for you, don't reward them for their callous attitude about you.

    They need to hire a better grade of handyman.
  • MDNLansingMDNLansing Member Posts: 297
    Nice Plan

    Don't maintain the equipment, have higher gas bills, offset cost by billing tenants when they complain.

    What a great business model.
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