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Wiring for Taco 006-S50W circulator

Just picked up a pump and it has no instructions. It has a 110v plug, then has a thermistor strapped to the inlet side, which goes into the box. Out from the box is a grey sheathed wire with red and black in it and the other is black with white green and black coming out. These wires are 22 gauge or thinner. I assume the red and black are power in (what voltage) and the other 3 go to a controller, but I have no idea where they go to. I'd like to be able to set the temp but I'd be just as happy to have the unit run all the time. Any help would be appreciated.



  • JPS666JPS666 Member Posts: 1
    Taco 006-S50W Wiring

    This pump is intended to be used as a recirculation pump for hot water to the faucets and showers in the home. It is only 1/40HP and will only pump against 5.5 feet of head so it should be at almost the high point of the system. Do not put it at the extreme high point to make sure it does not get air blocked. It will deliver up to 3GPM @ zero feet of head.

    I got this wiring from a user who was selling one of these pumps on eBay. I bought one myself. This is what is posted:

    The Green/white/black three-wire lead can be left unused, The white and black wires are for a 6 Volt indicator light showing pump is running. Not sure what the green is for.

    The black and red can be tied together and the pump will run continuously until the thermocouple detects hot water on the inlet to the pump. The pump will then shut off until the water cools down. They can also be connected to a thermostat to turn the pump on. It will shut off when the thermocouple detects hot water.

    I have not tested this but I intent to in the next week or so and I will post again. Be careful not to run the pump with no water in it. The pump has a ceramic seal that needs to be lubricated by the water passing through the pump. Otherwise it will burn out the seal. There are also instruction to convert it to a full time pump by eliminating the circuit board that I will post later.
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