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burnham ES2 pilot assembly

jonny88jonny88 Member Posts: 1,139
Anyone from Burnham out there.With such a high failure rate on the pilot assembly how does quality control let this pass.Such a shame as this boiler fits so many customers needs.


  • DanLCDanLC Member Posts: 5
    ES2 pilot

    Please accept our apologies that you have had difficulty with the pilot on our ES2 product. We fire and test every burner in our factory prior to shipment; the pilot worked when tested, but we have found that a small number of pilots fail in the field over time. We have worked with Honeywell on a solution and we recommend that the pilot orifice be changed from a # 22 orifice to a #24 orifice. Again, we apologize that you have experienced an issue with our product. We strive to provide the best possible products to the marketplace and we have taken this issue back through our engineering and manufacturing teams to ensure we can eliminate this from happening again. We will begin using # 24 orifice pilots on our manufacturing lines very shortly. 
  • NycbrooklynNycbrooklyn Member Posts: 1
    Pilot light issues

    How does that help me. Do I have to call a plumber to replace the pilot light assembly or what? It sucks that this is happening at night in the dead of winter so it will be very hard getting someone that knows what they are doing to come here without charging me an arm and a leg.
  • billbill Member Posts: 429
    It strikes me odd...

    Now never touched a ES2. But that the thing even has a pilot?
  • Guru448Guru448 Member Posts: 1
    Pilot burner

    Are you kidding me, if you used a decent company and not a fly by night wanna be they would do it for nothing, it's a warranty issue!! Maybe next time you want to put your own boiler in you might want to look into servicing unit before you buy!!,BTW it takes 8 1/2 minutes for some one in business to replace.

    Best boiler out there!!!!!!
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