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Leaking radiators (through ceiling)


One of my third floor radiators leaks through the floor and through the ceiling below if I turn the thermostat over 68 F. The pressure on the boiler is 2psi and there is no water in the sight glass. Any suggestions?



  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 11,384
    No water in the sight glass?

    Shut it down NOW and call a pro!
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  • Empty boiler

    Check your LWCO for function, as it should not allow the boiler to fire without water in it.

    Your pressuretrol may have failed due to a plugged pigtail, and allowed the resulting over pressure to push water out of the boiler into the mains.

    Some service by a steam professional (not a plummmmmer) is required!--NBC
  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Low water cutoff.

    what these two are saying is by passing that is serious stuff . it is not something that any of us would would want neglected or wired around to make it "Go".

    therefore YIKES! do not even Think about it call for HELP this stuff is regulated in ounces.
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