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Where do these idots keep coming from

   I am going to share my wonderful day with my wallies. I had the pleasure of meeting the three original Stooges. Yes the three had been resurrected from the dead and I had to ( I hate to use the word work with them ); because total ignorance and redoing everything they had done is not work more like misery.

   I got a call from a property management group to look at some installs that were recently done and none of the 6 units worked properly. And these 3 were doing another change out when I arrived on the property. The management group asked if I would oversee this job and we agreed upon a price and boy howdy the fun started.

   First the did not know how to pump the refrigerant back into the condenser.They didn't have an electrical drill, skill saw, level, or even a simple caulk gun.Okay I can let them borrow mine, I first-ed quizzed them about using a 5/16 liquid line and I was informed they never changed line-set, just blew it out with 410a. So We replaced the line-set, I then asked for a liquid line drier, there response the salesman said it was in the unit lol .


   My side kick and my self set the condenser, replaced the disconnect and installed a new whip. I had already removed the valve stems when Moe gave me a glass of water with an eye dropper. He informed to put a drop of water in the pump down ports and my reply you smoking crack Moe. As I was brazing in the ref lines Curly and Shem appeared wanting to borrow my saw and level.

   Five hours later they were still fighting with an up-flow air-handler in a closet ( free standing, free return ) asking for some help. My side kick return 15 minutes later and said you can go braze the lines in, which I did. As you see It was a bad day and just got worse. They then wanted to know how to wire the power in I just said tell Moe and Curly I will do it myself. They had pulled the 6-2wg into the unit no romex connector.

   Finally at 7:15 p.m. we cranked the unit up, no condenser running. I had asked them not once but four time ' has anybody turned the breaker back on, No. My side kick  replied they still don't know you been calling them stooges all day long. The brightest of them pulled out his book from tech and showed me where his instructor informed them to put the water in the pump down ports when brazing, I guess he wanted to get in the last word of the day.

   As  I crawled into my old truck I just looked at him and said you are right Moe, which his reply was my name is Rick not Moe and why had I been calling him Moe all day, my side kick just smiled and replied in a very calm voice because you and them other two idots make the three stooges look good. Have a great evening everyone. Kicking back in kudzo land

Peace Be With You



  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Smarter than I Mechanics:

    Another example of why I decided that I had had enough, quit and retired.

    How can you soar with eagles when the only thing you have to work with is turkeys.

    Please check on that water thing before brazing. My High School Metal Shop teacher never told us that one. Let us know.
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