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   I have listened and read countless threads, one right after the other, Just shaking my head just spitting and sputtering over the vast amount of contractors not knowing right from wrong on safe refrigeration practices. I am not perfect nor claim to be, but folks there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

   I love this business but can not stand the vast amount of bogus information floating out there.If I have Dan's blessing I am going to run one article a week on the rights and wrongs of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

   I have just got home after spending all day replacing a 500 amp service on a restaurant, where a local contractor assured the building owner that 2 multiple riser of 4 0000 aluminium would take care of everything, hm-mm wonder why it melted. 3 phase 208 volt  full load over 415 amps.

    I started reading where this one person was giving advise about evacuating a system without the use of a micron gauge and he was blaming his boss. Folks speciality tools and knowledge is not cheap. Those schools Dan puts on, he does for the love of it not because he is getting rich.Like I said; if Dan gives me his blessing the first article is going to be on a typical compressor change out. 

   I am not going to give you opinions just facts, so everyone take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth.When someone ask for help on the steam side you get answers not because uncle Amos did it this way. No my first question to you jug heads, Why do we use hard copper on flare fittings and not soft copper on refrigeration. I will start Monday @ 8:30 pm so have your answer ready

Peace Be With You

David C. Broome



  • EmpireEmpire Member Posts: 2,343
    In your example you gave.....

    Clearly someone did not know what they were doing.  That's what makes us professionals in our craft and we all need refresher literature.    There is a difference between the lack of knowledge and the audacity of "winging it", and the true interest in a persons craft to know and do the job correctly if for nothing else other than pride and workmanship.


    Mike T.
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