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Heat Ideas for a garage Propane Vs Oil, different types of heaters, Lots of ?

JoeGJoeG Member Posts: 88
Hi, Guys my Garage is 28x28x10 on the first floor, second floor is 16x28x8, the garage is insulated.

I have Radiant in the floor but not sure if I want to spend the money to finsh it at this time.

I am looking at a Hot Air Furnace out of a trailer, I can get furnace

for about $250 and I already have a 275 Gal oil tank. I still would need

to run the Chimney for this heater and the lines.

I am also thinking about getting one those hanging Propane heaters, Unsure what size I would need.

Which o these would be the cheaper way to go? I would like to keep the

garage at about 45-50 Deg and then turn it up when I am working out

there ( a Few hrs a week ).

I fuigured I would heat the Downstairs for now and what ever heat rises

is bonus, Trailer Furnace I could run a Duct up stairs, or I could put

Elec heater up stairs. Thanks Guys
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