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Dan you the man


   I have always enjoyed being a part of the wall, always supportive of your wishes, and the utmost respect for your knowledge and a few others when it comes to boilers. So please allow me to blow off some much needed steam, none toward you or anyone else connected with the wall.

   I gave my company away to my son over two years ago with no regrets other than I haven't been properly compensated as agreed, but that's not what this is about. I had several job offers but none what I really wanted to do.

   But before I get started, I have a question. Which state recoveries less gas than the two States S.C and Ga. which are tied for next to last, not hard to figure that one The Great State Of Alaska ( lol ). which is understandable.You and I have talked many times over the years and always said if you want to make a difference get involved. So here goes.

   I recently applied for a teaching job at Tri County Tech in the HVAC department and was told I didn't possess the necessary skills or qualifications which were five years experience or an associates degree. I know that the PHD given to me years ago by one of the largest manufacturing company in the world was a honorary; but it sure means a lot to me. .

   The biggest reason for applying was to try to make a difference. When someone came to me or any other reputable HVAC contractor and said the were a graduate from there we wouldn't even consider hiring them. Now I am  not saying all technical schools are like that. Over the last 10 years their graduates have managed to start over a dozen fires, shut down two plants and caused a number of floods because they still don't understand a simple pee-trap aka water will not run up hill unless pumped.

  I believe if it is not broke, don't fix it. but folks that can't get it right for over 20 years and won't change. I couldn't count the number of compressors they have condemned and nothing wrong with them. I was recently informed by one of their finest that you always use sub-cooling on 410a it didn't matter if you had a tx valve or a orifice, I just-ed smiled and replied boy its a long way from Kansas and left.

   So Fellas I am officially back in business full time. Specializing in Commercial electrical, boiler repairs and distributing 421a  and when I can scrape up some money Little buddy I want to be put back on the wall again.


P.S. oh by the way the will hire some wet behind the ear person with an associates degree in business management and probably related to someone in the personal office..    


  • Dan HolohanDan Holohan Moderator Posts: 11,877
    Big Man,

    you have had a life of amazing ups and downs, and what's always impressed me about you is the way you bounce back from adversity and your wonderful attitude. You always make the most of every situation - easy or tough. I think your new customers are truly lucky to have you around, as are we. Thanks.

    Peace be with you, David.
    Site Administrator

    [email protected]

    Hug your kids.
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