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Any concerns about Rinnai boiler?

WoNHUSAWoNHUSA Member Posts: 34
I am waiting for a quote for a boiler from a local company. They mostly install Rinnai and have mentioned both the E 110C and Q 130S series. I am looking for heat and DHW from the system as I will also install an indirect hot water heater. I have completed a heat loss calculation using the Slant Fin app and came up with nearly 100,000 BTU. I am in New Hampshire, where temperatures commonly dip well below freezing and are often south of 0 degress. I will be heating around 2700 sq. feet...

My question centers around the Rinnai...are their boilers reliable and as energy efficient as advertised? Any info is appreciated, particularly if you have experience as an installer, service tech or as an owner of Rinnai boilers. Thanks in advance.


  • kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,746
    They are a newcomer....

    to the boiler market. I have not installed one as of yet. That being said I have a couple colleagues that have and they like them. The are a true boiler not a tankless water heater that just claims the boiler badge.
  • gennadygennady Member Posts: 677
    Rinnai boiler

    i checked them out and i do like it, But I install Viessmanns, and just love them.
    Gennady Tsakh

    Absolute Mechanical Co. Inc.
  • HDEHDE Member Posts: 142
    If it helps

    They are the ATAG brand and labeled For Rinnai

    Rinnai imports their boilers and combis from the UK

    The largest problem I see with them is there limited flow/high pressure drop of their heat exchangers. That and they are costly units.
  • JackJack Member Posts: 936

    ATAG, an award winning Dutch manufacturer of boilers and Rinnai share technologies and Rinnai supports the sale, marketing and technical support of the ATAG boilers in NA.

    The 95+% efficiencies are real. Your concerns about high pressure drops and low flow rates show that you are not familiar with the product and it's features. To provide ease of installation and system flexibility all Rinnai boilers, with the exception of the new E50C, are supplied with a low loss header. That handles your concerns I presume.

    The indirect can be piped conventionally or Rinnai's optional 3-way valve allows the use of the boilers primary pump to drive the indirect. Use of the 3way valve offers proportional DHW priority.

    As to the cost, I think that if you review the features of the product you will have to acknowledge the excellent value Rinnai provides. Perhaps you should try a few and report back.

    To the original poster I was the Rinnai rep in your area for twenty years, so I must acknowledge my bias. That said, I heat my home and hot water with Rinnai products.
  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 6,535
    A chain is only as strong as it's.....

    Any boiler can only be as good as it's installer allows it to be.--NBC
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Q series

    "Q series boilers have a built in fully modulating pump  for maximum temperature controls."

    Is this true of the Rinnai US versions as well?
  • JackJack Member Posts: 936
    All the Q series have the

    Variable speed pump. The E series Combi's have a 3 speed Grundfos set to high to drive the plate HX for DHW. With the vari speed pump and LLH all that pump does is modulate flow first and burner second to maintain the delta T across the llh. That variable speed pump is also a part of the indirect equation for proportional DHW Priority when using the 3way valve.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Does the pump

    modulate to maintain boiler ∆T in heating mode?
  • JackJack Member Posts: 936
    Yes, in the heating mode

    The pump modulates before the burner to maintain a 36* delta T across the llh
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Going to a teardown class next week

    thanks for the pointer.
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