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Looking for a decent boiler w/ indirect


I use to to have the big cast iron radiators.... and

I'm, trying to replace my current boiler which is a:

 weil mclain input: 140,000 btu/hr

DOE HTG Capacity: 115,000 btu/hr

net I=B=R output: 100

I'm planning to purchase all Cast Iron Baseboard for both floors, and need a good wall-hung (gas) boiler with an indirect tank (40 to 50) gal for hot water. I also want to make it a 2-Zone system...

1st zone will control the 1st floor

2nd zone will control the top floor

Looking for decent boiler with decent set-up...not cheap and not too expensive...

all help would be greatly appreciated...

PS... Is a good thing to have a combo system... or should I keep the water heater like I always did...


  • Modern boilers + old radiators

    old cast iron radiators are a better match for efficiency than baseboard, so drag them back in the house!

    Answering the question of what boiler to .choose is a bit like "how deep is a well"?

    The installer will know what makes are well supported with parts in your area ( a good stocking distributor). Perhaps if you could describe your system better with a diagram, the hot-water pros here could advise further, but check who sells a particular boiler close to you with good parts support.--NBC
  • R ManninoR Mannino Member Posts: 422

    Vitodens 100
  • JakeMillerJakeMiller Member Posts: 17

    baseboard will be the Cast-iron (baseray) same material except smaller (i think)..

    and space is one the biggest reason for replacement....

    the contractor is actually a friend who doesn't wish to make such a decision (as far as picking which unit).. but he know his work...

    and thanks both of you for replying...
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Carefully define your loads

    both space heating and DHW, before you get one step further.

    I have never met an experienced hydronic contractor who did not have an opinion on boiler manufacturers.  I'm sure your friend can hang and sweat pipe and is probably a pretty smart guy, but sizing and installing a modern boiler calls for a trained technician with specialized knowledge and tools.  Are you sure you have that?
  • jonny88jonny88 Member Posts: 1,139
    mid range boiler

    I have had luck with Burnham ES2 and an Alliance indirect.Install an outdoor reset and I really think you got a competitive system unless you go for more advanced boilers such as stated above.
  • JakeMillerJakeMiller Member Posts: 17

    My friend is a HVAC tech, so I know he will be good  with tools and experience...

    He just doesn't want to recommend something and than me complaining about it lol

    I guess I'll search more and see what i can do...

    thanks everyone..
  • IronmanIronman Member Posts: 3,430
    HVAC Tech

    My experience (42 years) has been that there are very few HVAC techs who know hydronics, especially modern hydronics. Though many may be decent or even good on forced air, probably less than 2% are competent on modern hydronics.

    You need to ask your friend frankly how much training and experience he has with modern hydronics. How many systems has he designed? How many mod/cons has he installed? Does he understand primary/secondary pipping, the point of no pressure change, pumping away? Does he have a digital combustion analyzer and has he been trained to use it?

    If you can't get a positive answer from him on each of these, or any other tech for that matter, then you need to look for another.

    I know that cheap or free labor is tempting, but if you had seen the horror stories that I and many others here have on such a regular basis, you'd realize how important getting a good tech is.

    You're question on which boiler to choose comes up regularly around here and reveals the common misconception that most consumers have: namely, that all installers are about the same and the big difference is between brands. Just the opposite is true. And, while we all have our favorites and some are preferred above others, the installer is 98% of the equation. A good designer/installer can take any brand and make it work like a champ; a hydronic novice (aka a knucklehead) will take the best boiler on the planet and mess it up.

    Look for value, not the cheapest price and you'll be much happier and end up paying less in the long run.
    Bob Boan

    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
  • RichRich Member Posts: 2,228
    edited October 2013

    If you are intent on using a mod con boiler make sure you put install much more baseboard then you require . If you install to match the load you will have to run temps that are too high for your efficient boiler to be efficient . It will operate at about 86 - 88% . That would be a shame and a waste of your money .   Also listen to Ironman . Better you don't allow your friend to do this or you may not be friends for long , the fact he is hesitant to recommend speaks volumes . Remember  "Skilled labor aint cheap and cheap labor aint skilled "
    You didn't get what you didn't pay for and it will never be what you thought it would .
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  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    I'll re-reiterate

    Depending on where you are located, hydronics techs range from "hard to find" to "exceptionally rare" to just plain "not available in the local market."  Please consider hiring an experienced hydronic pro, at least to design and commission the system (assuming your buddy wants to do the pipe work.)
  • JakeMillerJakeMiller Member Posts: 17


    allot more into this than I expected....

    I made 2 appointments for some decent tech who mostly deal with hydronic plumbing and heating.

    well thanks all.
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