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Converting to two zones

JunkboxJunkbox Member Posts: 7
I am converting from a one zone oil fired boiler to a 2 zone. I have Cast Iron Rads and have converted one zone for main floor and one zone for upper floor.

I have the Honeywell 8043G zone valves 4 wires 2 yellow (zone motor) 2 red (end switch)

I also have a Honeywell 8124L Aquastat. it has Tv ,T, Z

I need to hook up two thermostats to two Zone Valves. I checked the Honeywell site but just cant understand the diagrams.

Can some one please help


  • Paul SPaul S Member Posts: 1,234

    just to make things a bit easier for you .....connect one of the red wires of each zone valve to the "T" terminal on the aquastat...and the other red wire of each zone valve to the "TV" terminal on the aquastat....that will turn the boiler on when a zone valve opens....instead of having the aquastat power the zone valves use a separate transformer 120v by 24v....then run the common(neutral) of the transformer and connect it to a yellow wire of each valve and tie them all together...then the hot(24v) side of transformer has to be ran (separately)through there own thermostats before hitting the other yellow wire on the zone valves PAUL S....
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  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,517

    The wiring diagram in the manual is about the ugliest thing ever. Page 5 is what you are trying to accomplish.

    If you connect a red from each valve to the "T" terminal and the other  2 red wires to the "TV" terminal, that will take care of the red wires.

    A yellow from each valve should go to "Z"

    The other yellow's go to their respective t-stats. The commons from the t-stats need to come back to TV.

    It would be cleaner to either do as Paul S recommended or use a Taco zone controller.

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • JunkboxJunkbox Member Posts: 7
    I see

    I don't have a 24 volt transformer. So the easy suggestion although a good one really doesn't work for me at this time.

    As for the second post. I see page 5 but that shows the V8043F configuration I don't have the TH\TR on mine I just have the 2 red wires and the 2 yellow.

    I wonder if that location TH\TR is just a junction terminal? If I don't have that would it be the same as using a marette to join the wires?
  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,517
    Zone Valve

    The zone valve is a motor that then trips a switch.

    The yellow wires are the motor and the red ones are the switch.

    I don't know why Honeywell needs to make it so confusing.

    The above directions will work.

    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • JunkboxJunkbox Member Posts: 7
    Still Problem

    I see in the diagram for the  zone valve but mine only has the 2 red wires and the 2 yellow wires. Not sure what the TH/TR terminal is I don't have that.

    Can some one please help
  • JunkboxJunkbox Member Posts: 7
    This is what I want to do

    Can this work for me
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