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Corroded flange on hot water output side of old crane 100w-150

Dave13Dave13 Member Posts: 1
The output side flange on the side of the boiler (residential) which connects to the hot water distribution circulation pump and plumbing has gradually been corroding over the years. It has a heavy buildup on the outside surface at this point - no obvious leak though. Would like to address before it fails outright.

I have been told it cannot be replaced on this old boiler and I thus need a new system. Which I don't want to do since, cost aside, you cannot buy a standing pilot resi boiler in this overly regulated state any longer.

As the boiler can still work with a standing pilot and gravity feed when the power is out I don't want to have to go to electronic ignition which won't work without power.

Can anyone confirm the flange cannot be replaced or repaired?


  • Larry WeingartenLarry Weingarten Member Posts: 1,173
    A good welder...

    ... should be able to build up the flange and then grind it down fairly smooth, so it's workable again.

    Yours,  Larry
  • Output flange repair

    A picture would help here to show what the configuration is. I would think that this flange is screwed into the boiler section, and could be removed like any nipple: making axial cuts in a couple of spots , and then collapsing the sides into the center.--NBC
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